Windows VST Cuda convolution reverb (beta), feedback sought

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Post Fri Jan 30, 2009 10:57 am

Hi all

I've been working on a Cuda convolution plugin for reverb, and have got to the stage where I'd like to get some feedback from the community before I consider releasing it properly.

I know it's not the first Cuda convolution app around here, Nils Schneider posted one back in the summer ( which encouraged me to try and take it a little further. I've done a GUI, added more audio formats (wav and flac), an eq and have latency options so the user can see what the best compromise for their system is.

So for those that are interested, I'd appreciate your feedback. Success / failure, plugin counts, CPU usage (this will be highly dependent on the latency you pick and what GPU you are using), general impression and so on.

You'll need a 8 series of higher NVIDIA card and the 181.22 drivers or higher installed to get anywhere at all. Windows XP will probably work better than Vista (due to the way the display driver is handled through WDDM according to NVIDIA), but I've tested and found it works ok for me on both. Anybody with both ATI and NVIDIA cards installed in the same PC in Vista may also have issues.

This is my first attempt at letting a VST out into the wild so I'm expecting various hosts / systems not to work without a bit of effort on my part :) I've tested this with Live Lite, Reaper and the Sonar7 demo under XP and Vista.

The beta expires May 1st but I hope to have finished it by then and pushed out version 1. I am also planning to port to OpenCL when it's available, if it looks like an option.


--- Update ---

CPU version now added so people can compare the performance of a Cuda implementation vs native, it'd be interesting to see which results in lower CPU usage for a range of cards and machines. I'm expecting the CPU will be more efficient for some of the older Cuda cards, but it'll be interesting if somebody has a GTX295 :)

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