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Please see the PDF manual installed on your HD and also available to download on the appropriate product page at for full details of how to authorize your software. However a few key points to note are:

1. Use the computer you wish to run the software on to apply or at least make certain you use the correct machine ID from the computer you do wish to use (in the case where that one isn't connected to the internet). The machine ID is a 32 digit code, don't try and type it manually! You'll find it's usually filled in automatically but if you need to copy it use the clipboard function.
2. When you authorize a computer it activates all versions available to run on that computer.
3. You software will only work when you place the license file we send back to you in the appropriate location on your HD. Currently these are manually produced and double-checked so it can take 24-48 hours in some cases due to time zones and the application time, etc. If you want to chase a missing file after 48 hours please mail as some can get caught in spam filters, etc. We hope to automate this process soon so at least some users can get quicker if not instant authorization approval.
4. Please make sure you save the license file in it's correct format ending in .kbl or .onl not .txt, .html, or something or it won't work!

Cheers - Matt

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