YouTube Video - Kick-Ass Brass! License Problems?

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Post Sat Jul 25, 2009 8:08 am

If you can't get KAB going even with your license file check this out:

If you have problems either a) your license file is invalid or b) you're not doing the right thing with it.

a) Have you saved it as 'license.kbl' and not with a .txt or .html suffix or anything? Did you try and type the machine ID? DON'T! Did you apply from the right computer? Did you use this version of the instrument to do so? If you applied with a Standalone version on the Mac but are now running a PPC version of the VST you'll have different machine IDs so it won't work, so check this.

b) Assuming the file is valid it must be in the wrong place. Double check this on the OPTIONS page (find that by clicking on the AMG logo) and check the path. Delete the three cache files there (and the KAB preference file too for good measure) and check they re-appear when you re-launch KAB. You license file has to be in the same folder with them.

If the above is all check and correct you should be up-and-running! 8)

Your AMG Team

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