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Post Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:53 am

I like it, but I read the "manual" (one page) a few times and it seems unclear on a couple of points.

the synth:
seems to work fine if the notes are triggered by MIDI, but I can't get the sequencer to work. I got to the screen with the different steps where you can program two octaves, but using SaviHost the sequencer doesn't start when I press the big "SEQ" switch, and with Darkwave Studio as a host the sequencer starts with the lights moving on the steps, but no sound from the sequencer (the synth does produce sound with MIDI notes or pressing the keys with the mouse cursor).

the drum machine:
seems to have six outputs and all or some have to be connected to hear all 3 instruments. The manual just mentions "6 Stimmen", which is pretty unclear, as the "12 Stimmen" of the synth just refer to polyphony as far as I can tell, because only one output shows up for the synth. Any more information on the 6 outputs? The drum machine seems to have only 3 sounds.

Can the drum machine sounds be triggered by MIDI notes?

Can any of the controls on either the synth or drum machine be controlled by MIDI CCs?

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