One-Synth-Challenge 29: String Theory - Voting and Results

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Post Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:36 am

Time to vote for your top 5 tracks. All tracks are here.

- Give 5 points to the track you think is best, 4 for second, then 3, 2 and 1.
- Voting is open to anyone.
- Last day for voting is 15th July (KVR time).
- If you have entered in the competition, you must vote to be eligible for prizes.
- No voting for yourself.
- Voters must have had 20 prior forum posts or participated in this month's contest.
- In the case of equal scores after voting, they will be separated by how many 5pts they got, then 4pts and so on.

You should allocate your votes, in a single post, in this thread ... something like this ....
Artist zxy - Track zxy: 5
Artist xqy - Track xqy: 4
Artist zyx - Track zyx: 3
Artist zqx - Track zqx: 2
Artist qzx - Track qzx: 1

Reviews, however brief, are always welcome. Even if you can only find the time to add a short comment, then please do! keeps the thread alive and encourages others to listen/vote.
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Post Fri Jul 01, 2011 9:24 am

I'm heading on holiday so I downloaded all the tracks and tagged them as an album titled 'OSC 29 - String Theory' so I can load on my iPod. Figured I'd share here to save anyone with plans on doing the same the hassle. I straightened out the song titles and artist names to reflect how they are labelled on soundcloud. Songs are arranged in alphabetical order by artist name.

Here's a download link for a zip file (102.4MB) with all the submissions tagged and ready to go:

I hope dropbox works okay for this. I haven't used it before so let me know if anyone has any problems.
A really great collection of music, well done everyone! WIll be some tough voting coming up!

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Post Sat Jul 02, 2011 7:39 am

Anyone who wants to use my OSC contest rating utility is more than welcome. Its just a simple Silverlight app I created for my own use (basically it runs in the browser, and downloads everything from I've uploaded a version pointing at the OSC 29 entries here. Let me know if you have any issues with it. It's had a few minor upgrades since last time, including anonymising of the author name, and improved appearance. I'm afraid I've not quite finished allowing you to configure the names of the rating criteria, but hopefully that will follow soon. You can "exclude" a track which just turns it grey in the list and it will be skipped next time playback loops back round. On my computer it seems to have a problem playing windmills-n-tulips, seems like isn't serving up the whole file.

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Post Sat Jul 02, 2011 7:47 am

Cheers for the app, but dont know whats up with 'windmills-n-tulips' other than it was missing a complete name so it was added to the's playlist metadata. Still downloads and plays fine from the direct link.

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Post Sat Jul 02, 2011 7:50 am

I'm only getting about 90Kb back when I try to download it directly in FireFox.

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Post Sat Jul 02, 2011 7:54 am

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Post Sat Jul 02, 2011 8:07 am

hmm, I don't know what is going on. I've downloaded the whole thing three times, twice got the whole file, and once only got 80Kb. I'd be interested to know if anyone else can play windmills-n-tulips from my Silverlight app.

this is the URL it uses: ... tulips.mp3

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Post Sat Jul 02, 2011 4:21 pm

At the moment, is the only song that i can't play from your Silver App.
Nice app by the way.

Have a good day :)

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Post Tue Jul 05, 2011 12:56 pm

Well, I sit here in bed with 'man flu', my first sick day off work in at least 5 years - so what better opportunity to go through all the tracks for this month's OSC and comment on each one individually, always meant to do it before but never had the time

Enjoyed each and every one of them this month - String Theory has such a characteristic sound that my points went to those tracks which exploit this to the full, as well as to those which managed to make it sound completely different

Prefect X - Rain Dance
Loved the resonant drop sounds and the ethnic plucks. I felt that the final third should have developed more with a bit more variation, it did at the very end - but then it finished all too quickly

Yeager - Force Of Habit
A piece in five sections. Stunning Philip Glass style intro section with a nice balancing final section in a similar style. The two slow/ballad sections worked well with the middle beat driven bit, all excellently produced and I loved the white noise percussion

Tattiemannie - Banjo In A Bucket
Best title ever! A great demonstration of all that String Theory can do, including all the mad stuff, there's usually one track which brings a smile to the face each month and this was it

RuediRena - El Hierbajo
Wow, visions of Zorro, Bolero, even a bit of spaghetti western Clint Eastwood thrown in for good measure. Builds nicely throughout until we reach that beautiful sweeping harp sound at the end. With the final note I could see Torvill and Dean collapsing on the ice and a perfect 10 being scored - well done!

TommyBear - Different Ways
A good mix of sounds well put together in a great tune, loved the bell-like tones in the intro

McPanic - kvr osc 29
Least exciting title ever! Never mind, I still enjoyed it. Well produced piece, the middle section was the standout part for me, loved the percussion in the closing section

IrionDaRonin - I would tell you...
Oh this is very good, the first track this month which doesn't sound typically like String Theory, full marks for how you've managed to achieve the wide range of sounds here. Beautifully put together, the last 10 seconds are wonderful

HiEnergy - Strings in theory
Typical String Theory sounds. I liked the way the way the flute and some of the other solo instrument sounds became dissonant and 'out of control'

bzur - home
Liked this one from the first listen, such simple sequences which fit together so well, nice variation of sounds, I sense points...

CapDan - Theory and Practice
Well structured piece, off-beat composition and I'm still undecided on this one, although I did think the drum sounds were excellent

PocVecem - Easy SloMo
Very very nice, hooked from the first listen, as with IrionDaRonin's track it was impressive to see the sounds that were included here which were not obviously from a physically modelled string synth. Bass, percussion and pad sounds were highlights - all perfect

Gorgorgathgorgorgor - Rat Fink
I think I'm just beginning to tune into Gorgorgathgorgorgor's world - I like this! Good choice of sounds, like the upright bass

IrionDaRonin - Alba
Ah the soothing sounds of waves breaking on the shore, it's impossible not to be seduced by this. The percussive hand drum sounds are excellent. IrionDaRonin definitely has an excellent 'signature sound' to his tracks and the fact that it has been reproduced here with String Theory is impressive. Now which of this months offerings is the better of the two...

evo2slo - Accidental Illumination
I did like the tune and the sounds in this track, and it was so close to getting points, but there were two issues for me - too much reverb on the drums, and not enough dynamic variation in the other instruments which were uniformly loud all the way through. A great shame, it will have to settle for an honourable mention

sly fly - Nacho Libre's Elevator Music
Captures the spirit of the title well, which I'm sure was intentional, but that did make it just a bit too simple and repetitive to create much of an impression

Mrblitz000 --- Disco Corium
Straight into Kraftwork territory from the first bar. Highly impressive opening but then loses its way in the middle somewhat and never really recovers. Really good choice of sounds however - and all this with only 3 instances of String Theory. 3 instances??? Now that's impressive

Objectman - Windmills & Tulips
More typical String Theory sounds showing what this synth does best. I would have liked more variation and progression throughout the track

And now the points:

5 points - IrionDaRonin - Alba
It was the soothing effect of those waves on my fever and those sublime hand percussion sounds that won for me
4 points - PocVecem - Easy SloMo
3 points - bzur - home
2 points - IrionDaRonin - I would tell you...

I'm still not really decided on what to do when two submissions come from the same person in one month, but what the heck, both of these were excellent
1 point - RuediRena - El Hierbajo
Simply irresistable!!!

Honourable mentions to Yeager, TommyBear and Evo2slo

Good luck to all, now, where's my Lemsip?


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Post Tue Jul 05, 2011 4:48 pm

Perfect X - Rain Dance: Jazzy, semi-minimalist, tasty overall.

Yeager - Force of Habit: Driving, sunny; oh there's a modulation and off to the races we go. As always, great production values. Maybe not the style of recording I'd seek out on I-tunes, but perhaps that's my loss. This is very well-done. It would be interesting to hear Yeager with his choice of software/gear, and with a singer.

Tattiemannie - Banjo in a Bucket: This one shares that signature mannie zest. As always, a great ride. Among other things, this one has some cool dynamics.

RuediRena - El Hierbajo: This is simply outstanding. Very neo-classical, with some 'east meets west' to it. Good show!

Tommy Bear - Different Ways: That's some spectacular tonage.

McPanic - kvr osc 29: The bass being 'ducked' starting at 1:10 or thereabouts is great! Overall, you're getting some good tones out of the synth. I think my favorite is the 2nd part, after the 'interlude.'

Irion Da Ronin - I would tell you...: If there were a Windham Hill for electronic music, this would be a major hit. In this particular context, that's a compliment. It's very mellow, peaceful, contemplative. As the build up seemed long, this piece required my patience; but then there was this payoff as it all gently burst into a thing of great beauty. I don't know if the percussion near the end does anything for me. Maybe consider nixing the 'tambla' or whatever it is, and keeping the shaker/cymbal sounds.

Strings in theory: This sort of has a gospel/folk feel to it; like you could have a singer, singing a hymn or a ballad to it.
If I'm not mistaken, it sounds overly quantized; which is a neutral thing to me. It's just a different 'feel' is all. Whatever the case of that; this one might be really cool with a singer.

bzur - home: From the first fade-in, this sounds like a winner. It reminds me of Kabalevsky. It's sounds kind of like a playful melancholy.

CapDan - Theory and Practice: Ok, this one's not doing much for me at the start, but it begins to grow. Something about the combination of tones at the start threw me off (among other things, for some reason the kick sound was sub-optimal early on); but then the mix coalesced into something interesting. I don't know if the main kick sound changed up at some point, or if it was a 'psychoacoustical hallucination,' but the kick and the rest of the mix sound better after awhile. Overall, it's kind of a cool piece, with little surprises placed there and about along the way.

PocVecem - Easy SloMo: This would be really good music for studying to, or for relaxing with in general. Nice synth/production work.

Gorgorgathgorgorgor - Rat Fink: This one actually has a credible street vibe. It reminds me of Starsky and Hutch or Baretta. The outro's fun.

Doc Jon - Downstairs at Eric's: This reminds me of Sergio Mendez or Herb Alpert. This is actually quite well done. Very tasty. I always enjoy it when someone nails an 'old-time jazzy' piece in one of these OSCes. This is #1 with a bullet on my chart. You're guaranteed at least a 4th place vote from here; seeing as how there are only 3 more pieces to listen to.

Irion Da Ronin - Alba: Ok, the first piece was really impressive, now we've got some excellent wave sounds, and voices like a choir. I can hear why you're getting votes. Being more of a jazz dude, I like Doc Jon's style; but your pieces are fine. Sitting out on the deck, sipping lemonade in the shade by the oceanside; and playing a CD of this sort of thing in the background; that would be highly idyllic.

evo2slo - Accidental Illumination: This has got a strong 'John Henry/Johnny Appleseed/working on the railroad sense to it. Then it sounds like a guy plinking around while his pals sit around in a saloon. chuckle... i guess it's got a 'Wild West' feel to it. Well done. For a moment there at least, the 'lead' on the 'outro' almost sounds like the Edge from U2.

sly fly - Nacho Libre's Elevator Music: This kind of sounds like the background music to an arcade game back in the '70s; or maybe something you'd hear in a dentist office; or an elevator of course...

mrblitz - Disco Corium: I really liked Doc Jon's review.

Objectman - Windmills and Tulips: This one is pastoral. On the soundcloud page, i had commented something to the effect that, because of the 'clock sounds,' it reminds me more of Switzerland than Holland, but it does paint a picture in any event.

5 Doc Jon - Downstairs at Eric's
4 Irion Da Ronin - I would tell you
3 RuediRena - El Hierbajo
2 bzur - home
1 evo2slo - Accidental Illumination

That was a good listen. All of these pieces have something to offer. Thanks everyone!

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Post Thu Jul 07, 2011 11:37 am

My Votes for OSC 29

MrBlitz2000 - Disco Corium 5 points
Me likes very much. Very head-sticky. love the thumpy kick, the dynamic mix, the unique, very un-stringlike sounds. pointworthy for sure!

bzur - home 4 points
nice, understated delays and counterpoints.

IrionDaRonin - Alba 3 points
Love the ocean swells. I hear congas!

Tattiemannie - Banjo 2 points
Classic Tatty, fun track no doubt...

PocVecem - Easy SloMo 1 point
Another great little track from Poc, simple but inviting arrangement, me likes!


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Post Sat Jul 09, 2011 2:50 am

Little bit short of time at the moment. So a rather quick voting.
First of all: there's not a single track that I didn't enjoy listening to. I pay a big compliment to all of you!

Was a rather tough choice again:

5 points: IrionDaRonin - Alba
No, Irion and I are not related or affiliated in any way, but it seems that there is something in his music that directly speaks to me. :lol:

4 points: evo2slo - Accidental Illumination
Sound, melody and composition form one unity. Great song!

3 points: bzur - home
Like the sounds and the melody. Well composed and mixed.

2 points: Gorgorgathgorgorgor - Rat Fink
He has his own special sound and I tend to like it more and more.

1 point: IrionDaRonin - I would tell you
See above. Very amazing that Irion doesn't use keyboards or midicontrollers to create his music! :o

Well, again at this point I feel bad that I don't have any points left.

Cheers and enjoy the weekend,

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Post Sat Jul 09, 2011 7:16 am

I'm not a friend of many words, so here are my votes.

5: PocVecem - Easy SloMo
4: RuediRena - El Hierbajo
3: bzur - Home
2: evo2slo - Accidental Illumination
1: HiEnergy - Strings in Theory


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Post Sat Jul 09, 2011 7:23 am

Hi everyone, thanks for those points. I'm really grateful.
But now i feel bad, because some contestants are getting out without points, some of you are scoring my two songs :(
In one hand, i'm getting glad and happy, in the another hand, i'm feeling bad for those others.
I think this will be the last time participating with two songs, hehe, i think would be more fair, next time.
It's just i want and i like to share all my compositions with you.

And yes, pocvecem and me we have not relation, i'm just talking a bit with him in Souncloud to know him better cos i'm very interested in his compositions, but that's all, i never ask for points and things like that. I don't like cheaters!
All voters must be free. And V'ger know about this, because i chat with him almost everynight while we are testing all the new Vstis. :)

Anyway i have the same problem, pocvecem tracks makes me dream and think, and they speaks directly to me too, that's why i always saying we are in the same board, because when i listen his tracks, sounds like i always wanted to sound, sincerelly i think he is in a higher level than me, he is older than me after all too :hihi:.
That's not a bad thing, this is just making me to do it better and better everyday and improving myself.
The same happens to me with V'ger. Great tracks too.

Anyway, everyone of you, not only pocvecem and V'ger, all of you, have something special in your tracks. Your own ID, as i said in OSC27. And i'm knowing you all better through your tracks which i downloaded all from OSC1 to the actual one.

At the moment, there are some of you which have this own ID more accentuated. For example Gorgorgath, who is the weird sound noisy man (and as i said, this is not a bad thing, he could make a new school style with his own sound), Tattiemannie has a happy melody factor in their compositions, and Mike777 loves to do arpeggios and chord changes. And some others i'm knowing in every OSC.

Everytime i'm listening your tracks, i know, more or less, how are you going to sound. And it's very funny.

I will vote tonight or tomorrow, i have my list already prepared.
But i seriously would like to have more votes for you all.
You all deserve them. Cheers.

Have a good day everyone! :)

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Post Sat Jul 09, 2011 10:39 am

IrionDaRonin wrote:Hi everyone, thanks for those points. I'm really grateful.
But now i feel bad, because some contestants are getting out without points, some of you are scoring my two songs :(
In one hand, i'm getting glad and happy, in the another hand, i'm feeling bad for those others.
I think this will be the last time participating with two songs, hehe, i think would be more fair, next time.
It's just i want and i like to share all my compositions with you.
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