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hibrasil wrote:I just made this "awesome list" with my favourite DSP and audio programming resources (focussing on C++).


Some of your links (at least some links to your own github repositories) give 404.
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thanks - i noticed also. will fix soon
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I'm new to Plugin-In development, so this thread is an amazing resource!

Currently, I'm reading Will Pirckle's Designing Audio Effect Plug-Ins in C++ book. It's been mentioned a couple times before on this thread. So far, it's very good and will give any beginner a solid foundation to work with before moving on to other frameworks.
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And lots of bad practices.
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Miles1981 wrote:And lots of bad practices.

Some perhaps... it's important to understand why they're "bad" though and there aren't many better methods to learn than by using them and running into the problems they cause.

Refactoring is mostly a waste of time of course where you "could have" designed the system the right way from the beginning.

Then again, learning "best practices" without understanding them can lead you into even deeper holes with a stubborn refusal to admit to your problems when the supposed "best practices" end up being less than best.
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You mean like overdesign with useless design patterns all over the place?
Definitely agree ;)

That's the issue as well, if you want to write good C++ code, you need to know about your hardware. Sometimes, when I tell people that, they think I'm talking about memory allocation instead of the actual CPU architecture. DSP development is quite transverse and require skills that not a lot of people want to acquire :/

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