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Post Mon May 21, 2012 1:26 pm

We just released our very first audio plugins (3BandEQ/Splitter and PingPongPan), and added a few more Linux ports (dRowAudio Plugins, Juced Plugins, Highlife and more!).
This release brings LV2 support for all plugins.

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Post Tue May 22, 2012 11:24 pm

Big congratulations and many thanks on getting DISTRHO released falkTX!

You've put a huge amount of work into this already and it represents a major advance for not only the LV2 plugin format but free music software in general by bringing the world some long awaited, pro-quality and open source LV2 plugins so I respect what you've done here greatly!

Anyone reading this forum will know that one of the main reasons I make such a big deal out of this project is due to the Highlife sampler plugin F has now kindly ported to LV2 for us. I have good and bad news for this plugin.

There was some uncertainty as to what license HL's code was released under so when I contacted DiscoDSP last Friday they were surprised I wanted to know about its license as they thought they had removed all traces of its source from the net. They no longer support its open source version but DiscoDSP have informed me Highlife open source is BSD licensed and so DISTRHO is not in any danger by adopting it. DiscoDSP release some of their other plugins for Linux so if you appreciate their contribution to free and Linux music software then I'd encourage people buy their excellent commercial plugins too to say thanks although I think I need to cough up something to falkTX first! :)

The bad news with the current release of HL is that loading of wavs doesn't work in the 64bit builds right now but I suspect I have a fix and even if I don't, F will get it fixed properly soon anyway!

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