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Post Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:30 am

Hello Jonas and others

I think Helix is mature.
But to me only two things are missing.

1.The first is, that you can "draw" your own waveforms in the wave shaping mode, one of those four oscillator types Jonas creates (rompler, pulse width, shaping and string model).Maybe some help-utilities would be useful, something like drawing a sinuspart, a (coloured)noisepart or a flat part (sawtooth, square). Maybe something, that makes it easier to program(for Jonas) and more easy for the CPU.

2.The second thing is that it would be good to form a pressure wave. I mean a wave, that cannot form a tone (because the "frequency" is so low, that it's not a tone, in fact)but make a dry (and) soft punch. It doesn't go to zero, have no negative parts.
The thing, that I noticed is, that a click sound is pushing, when there is a short attack, but is getting limp otherwise. Maybe it's a problem that the envelope starts at zero, although you can adjust the wave beginning (phase) in helix or change the attack curve
I've been searching after a boom that's dry at the beginning and gets juicy afterwards. There are limiters and compressors that saturate your sound. I think the result Is more pressure- less tone ; I think that's something equal, but It cannot produce what isn't there (long attack 0x0=0).
I think an analog instrument produce tention when you press the key, that ends, when the key is loosed.
Indeed, a non-zero (constant) value as a "wave"-form, formed by the normal ADSRR2 envelope would be enough, but how to sample or how to produce it?
There should be no looping clicks or such things.
Maybe you can produce it in the drawing+shaping mode mentioned above.

A last thing that's not so important, is that you can draw such things like crackles from an old vinyl-disc You can "draw" it again but need more space of time. For the waveforms the mode should have a grid that show you the right waveform-length with the right pitch.

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Post Sat Dec 08, 2012 6:41 pm

yes, i agree.

and here's my opinion that worth to add

1. adding mouse scroll to be functional
2. drag-able envelopes (ADSR) so we can draw our own envelopes.
3. Double click to return to default value (this is very helpful)
4. Assignable macro controls ( maybe adding macro control tab next to FX tab)
5. Drag and drop mod matrix.

those will drastically improve the helix's ease of use. and save alot of time to explore new sounds.


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Post Mon Mar 17, 2014 6:38 am

It would be great to add retrigger option to all EG envelopes
(... or maybe to any modulation ?)
Thank you!
my 2 cents :wink:
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Post Wed Apr 02, 2014 6:21 am

SoftMachine, I think that your suggestion fits to my interests. The envelopes are the most complex variables in helix.
It would be great if you only could choose the amount of repetitions or stop time, no additional settings. But you should be able to automate the peak of every repeated envelope by the other envelopes. In that way, all the ADSR times and strenghts should be a modulation destination, too.
An envelope shouldn´t change while its duration, but the peak/ADSR changes should be defined at its start point equal to the idea in my " morph mode adaption" post

It would result in strings, great basses and vivid pads.

P.S. The stop time could be the first envelope´s duration, so the envelopes could repeat by a tiny yes/no box, sustain is turned off, then.

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Post Fri Jul 25, 2014 7:32 am

my last post was important for me, too. But it seem out of interest to the many people who clicks at this post. Why? Is the pressurewave possible. I cant test this. It sounds like a electrical tention. A click with no attack at the beginning and a click at the end with no release?

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Post Sat Aug 02, 2014 9:52 am

Thanks for all the ideas, and sorry for not responding earlier.

The pressure wave you speak of is easy to create right now:

1. load the init-patch (by selecting the Misc bank)
2. disable the delay - effect
3. change osc 1 TYPE to ANALOG, DBLSAW
4. Turn the morph knob to 0 (far left)
5. turn the OCT (octave) down to -11


A word of warning though. The pressure wave you speak of will create a lot of DC, that you might not actually want in your music.

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Post Sat Aug 02, 2014 11:22 am

Thank you, Jonas. I thought of shaping it with the volume envelope, to get electrical tention. To make out of the envelope a waveform in its slow speed. You can make more complex pressure out of it. A sawthooth has an end, but maybe its enough. What´s about the Idea with repeated envelopes mentioned above?

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