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Good evening!
the 2005 annual MEGA SOUND LINK list follows ;)

Note: Thanks to jjcDrummer, there is now a webpage html version of the list, which means you can click category titles.
You can find that version here : ... dList.html

What's New?
* Separated freeware plug categories
* New categories : Free Impulse Responses, Music communities, Music Industry etc.
* All links checked and many added to each category. Yes, it's bigger.

What's it for? : I'm chief sound lecturer at the College Of Fine Arts in Sydney, teaching in the Digital Media degree. This is a list of links for students to follow up both ideas and techniques. There may be some stuff you find interesting or useful.

Disclaimers : We're a Mac-based Protools institution (sound here covers installation, sculpture, audio-visual soundtracks as much as it does electronic music). We have Protools, Reaktor, VST-RTAS adapter, Max/MSP and a ton of freeware apps / VSTs / Pluggos / audio units.

But PC people please have a look below, a lot of the list is about ideas and not platforms, plus there's some good experimental PC software links.

This list has a freeware focus. I've added in some links that people suggested last year.

Also, you'll note the absence of links to individual plugs/developers - these are always in the instructions on the computers.

A certain proportion of these links always come from interesting discussions on kVr, so a thanks to all of you up front, and i hope you find something here!

Glitch - some listening! Glitch, turntablism etc.
Resonance magazine articles.
"The Wire". Click ARCHIVE then interviews and essays - Magazine and CDs from "The Wire".
Sonic Arts network
Over the top link page on experimental sound/music. Some dead links.
SoundSite : online sound journal based in Australia - not updated for some years but good stuff there.
Essays In Sound 2: Technophonia
"Sound Music and Noise related sites" - more dead links than you can poke a stick at, but some gold to be found
XEBEC - Japanese sound art site ... noise.html
The Art Of Noises - Luigi Russolo

FILM SOUND theory, terminology, essays etc … great link site.
Links to articles
FILM SOUND SITE - great resource site.
Film Sound cliches !
Sound effects design for Robocop
Game audio articles - links

AltZero by Icarus - great interactive pieces, have a play, and download Compose (PC only) to make your own. ... links.html
Hearing Voices : radio art
sound sculpture ... s/Externe/
Interactive sound resources and ideas : "Trends in Gestural Control of Music".
Duen Hsi Yen's Binaural sound link page
Fractal music discussion (Yahoo group)

IMAGE & SOUND INTERACTIVITY (software / ideas) ... ndLab.html
image processing for audio ... tz1.2.html
Mary Ellen Bute: Seeing Sound
Pictures of Sound : 2 South American artists working on image/sound interactivity.
bitmaps and waves - converters (PC software).
Hyperupic is a tool for creating sounds from digital images (OSX)
the Music Animation machine

Good article on ethical/legal questions about sampling from UK online hip-hop magazine "Low Life", plus many links to other related sites.
UK copyright law
U.S. legal perspective on sampling
U.S. Copyright law
limited-quantity licensing in the USA
Why MP3s suck

AFRICA AND SOUND ... lesFr.html
African rhythm - methods, culture, history, social context
African music concepts and historical overview ... tor=ARTCUL
African Music styles glossary
interesting musicologies and
Afrofuturism - the sci-fi link to cultural production and politics
the Afro-Alien Diaspora - more on afrofuturism

See also the RHYTHM section within the INSTRUCTIONAL MUSIC STUFF section of this document.

Fun one first. Orchestral Corporate - by Robert Fink. Fantastic, entertaining and funny analysis of "production music" CDs (you need sound on for examples) ... index.html
the Echo archives - musicology articles from UCLA journal. From Eminem to Mahler. Wide-ranging essays.
Phillip Tagg's online essays. Wide-ranging musicology essays.
Essay : Open Letter about 'Black Music', 'Afro-American Music' and 'European Music' by Philip Tagg ... ophon.html
Soundscapes - online journal on the history and social significance of media culture
Essay : the Notation Of Time by James Ingram. Hard assed questioning of music 'theory'. ... index.html
The Computer Music journal

Ishkur's Guide to electronic music - Interactive. Astonishingly subjective approach to contemporary electronica, but useful and entertaining.
120 years of electronic music - timeline
the electronica timeline ... eline.html
Another timeline
musicPlasma - interesting online tool of stylistic associations.


Also check the VST , Audio Unit , RTAS and PLUGGO sections below.
kVr - best source of audio software
OSX - articles and discussion on OSX audio
Hitsquad - source of audio freeware/shareware/demos for all platforms.


See also the VST , Audio Unit , RTAS and PLUGGO categories in this document.
converts AAC, M4P and MP3 files to AIFF
Audacity 1.2.3
Cross-platform audio editor. See COFA instructions for links to online manuals.
Audio In 1.0.3
Audio recorder
Midikeys 1.6b3
Virtual MIDI keyboard, routable. Not working in Protools yet, though accepts a through signal from another keyboard (so can for example, double up an audiounit synth. Works in all Audio Unit apps, e.g. RAX, Synthtest.
MP3 Trimmer 2.3.3
Trims MP3s - this is shareware with limited use in demo version.
MP3-to-Aiff 2.5.sit
MP3-to-Wave 2.5.sit
Audio file converters.
multi vst shell
OSX version of MultiVSTshell, loads VST instruments / FX. Also Needs Pluggo Runtime installed first (see Pluggo section of this document) ... N/id/1536/
MusicMath - a music calculator
Plogue Bidule
Cross-platform audio recording/playback / manipulation host. Loads VSTs and AUs.
Sound font extractor (for compressed Soundfont files from the web.
Plays soundfonts and general MIDI instruments
Experimental sound editor.
Studio Calculators 1.8
Delay calculator (page is in Japanese)
Loads one Audio Unit instrument and one audio unit effect. ... oypro.html
TimeToy - timestretching
Enables timecode readout in Protools LE. Needs Pluggo Runtime installed first (see Pluggo section of this document)
VMK - virtual MIDI keyboard
virtual MIDI keyboard - PC equivalent
zerius vocoder 1.1.2
Vocodes AIFF / WAV files.

Native Instruments : Reaktor etc
Reaktor resources links - ensembles etc - good link page. ... ink&cid=16
Other links to Reaktor ensembles.

See also the VST and PLUGGO sections below

Audacity (PC/Mac/Linux)- multi-platform audio editor and processor
Plogue Bidule (PC/Mac) - experimental multi-platform audio software
AudioMulch - (PC) software for real-time sound synthesis, music composition and audio processing
Mitchell Turner's VST host / sampler / drum machine apps (OSX)
XO-Wave (OSX/Linux)
Arvid's freeware list
Ardour ... t=2&rpp=60
Free Windows hosts (search)
50 free sequencer downloads (mainly PC)


Freeware Pluggo instruments and FX can run inside most VST, RTAS and audio unit 'hosts' (Logic, Cubase etc). (Mac / PC). Note: PC version only released Feb 2005.
Pluggo Free Runtime installer -download and install the Runtime version, not the full app demo.

Then grab free pluggos from the following developers. Some are OS9, some are OSX, some are OS9 but still run in OSX.
The Percolate Collection
JK (make a donation if you like his stuff)
Matthew Lyon (Pluggos not on site at Feb 2005)
The Lone Roger
Tobor Experiment (new site under construction at Feb 2005)
Wheat's collection (a few ad pop-ups)
Greg Davis (Site down at Feb 2005)
Refuse Software ("RTA" meter only)
Laut & Leise (OS9 pluggos only)

kVr search page for plug-ins : Mac/PC
Forum thread with links to ALL freeware OSX VSTs
VST-RTAS adapter - professional OSX adapter to get VST instruments into Protools.
** VST-capable host programs such as Cubase, Plogue Bidule (and many others) do not require this adapter.
KVR - Audio : best resource for plug-ins (VST etc)
Patcharena - patches for VST and other instruments.
VST Central
Cubase site for VST plug-in search
Ultimate List - good listing of freeware MAC/PC VSTs with pix. ... almain.asp
Computer Music - Good tuts for DS-404, SR-202, CM-505, CM-303 and CM-101 VST instruments
Smart Electronix - great experimental VST FX


Frohmage (filter) ... mentations

North Pole (filter / delay / distortion)

Inspector (meter) ... index.html

PSP Vintage Meter

Izotope Vinyl

Plugsound Free ("rompler") (bottom of page)

Sampletank2 Free {"rompler")
jk_irr - AudioSuite IR reverb
jk_phone - LoPass/HiPass filter with saturation.

Free audio unit list
More free audio units not covered in previous link

Free SOUNDFONTS ... age=newreg ... ink&cid=25 ... sc&start=0 ... soundfonts (good Rhodes!)


Noisevault - large collection

Echochamber - another large collection


Prosoniq (need AIFF to WAV conversion0

Kaleidoscopy (12MB free available in demo version)

Lexicon PCM-90

Reverbs, FX incl. chromatic piano resonance

IR of the Month
(monthly collections, includes good basic description of Impulse Response technology)

Fokke van Saane
(includes some great specialist spaces for sound designers)

Sanitarium demo
(18 MB of IRs in the demo version of this plug)

Spectral Relativity demo
(11 MB of IRs in the demo version of this plug)

reverbs, real spaces, FX, Madrid Metro

watertank by
1 x IR, 16 bit, spike, jbl control one, rode nt-5, some street noise.
altiverb version. try violin and voice.

re-201 space echo

Cyber Kitchen Sound Design Enterprise - via Voxengo


ColorToneIR Library
forum appears when you register.

Sony Acoustic Mirror ... sp?CatID=6

1-1-1 net impulses

Concert Hall impulses (Finland)

Intelligent Machinery - experimental IRs ... eshold.php

Acoustics Engineering examples

Beamsonic - microphones, tape, amps, hardware

JC Productionz free impulses
real spaces

Syn-Aud-Con Impulse Response Exchange - real spaces

Borque impulses - 6 rooms, churches

Rob Stewart - (limestone cave and garage}

Goldbaby's Impulses - Lexicon LXP-15, MPC etc

Waves freebies - (4)

Syverb - some freebies in demo ... ctID=39786

Cabinets etc.
(got these from another thread here, it said "some of those irs require some trimming at the beginning"): ...

Clarinets and trumpets

Digitech Rp3 reverbs v2.0
SanSamp Gt2 amp simulations
Zoom 508 delays

Guitar cabinets - mainly Peavey 5150

SpACE-Net (4 spaces) :
Maes-Howe Passage Tomb Orkney, Hamilton Mausoleum, St Andrews Church Lyddington, and York Minster.

Emes Virtual rooms (9 free examples) ... mpulse.htm

Ursa Major's Space Station, Kurzweil's KSP8 reverbs

Mesa Boogie
Guitar amp cab impulses (3)
http://www.sneapforum.celtiaproductions ...

Airwindows Impulses
Outdoor blastoff, outdoor stadium, plate reverbs, rooms, pool

Intelligent Machinery - "Unnatural Spaces"
Glass vase , plastic human skull, wooden box etc. etc .

T1mp impulses
Various room spaces

Pure Data - free multi-platform software : like MAX/MSP : a real-time graphical programming environment for audio and graphical processing.
PD-VST : app that turns Pure Data ("PD") patches into VSTs.
Max/MSP Runtime. Max/MSP is a graphical environment for music, audio, and multimedia. The free runtime version allows you to use applications built using Max. AND
Cecilia is a graphic user interface for the sound synthesis and sound processing package Csound.
C-Sound resources
SoundHack homepage ... ingSH.html
Using SoundHack to change the Sampling Rate.
Audible Oddities by Twerk. Various apps, OS9/OSX
AltZero by Icarus - great interactive pieces, have a play, and download software Compose (PC only) to make your own.
IXI - experimental software (Mac/PC)
Sineqube - experimental software (Mac OS9, OSX is "in development")
Enord Flux - "audio processor and creator of horrible noise and textures". Requires MAX/MSP Runtime.
Supercollider - real time audio synthesis programming (OS9/X) ... ftware.php
Antiloop 7 - generates percussive audio and midi based on a set of probabilities given by the user.
Thonk - random granular synthesis (OS9)
Tom Erbe's list of programs - mostly OS9, also links to PC sites. ... diovisual/ - more experimental software
Jungulator - Max/MSP built audio engine that 'fuses DJ, sampling & sequencing tools'. (MAC)
OX (mac)
Frequency 1.0
Draw into frequency of audio files, good experimental tool.
Lexikon-Sonate - algorithmic composition


This is a series of links to online books / texts that will help you understand how to use and or build synthesisers and other audio tools.
How to make a noise : sound design and synthesiser programming. Free downloadable online book.
Handbook for Acoustic Ecology ed. Barry Truax. Online book, 1999 edition. Deals with soundscape.
great thematic search engine from that book, good place to start.
"Theory and techniques of electronic music" - Miller Puckette ... k_toc.html
"Advanced programming techniques for modular synthesisers" - James J Clark. (online book).
granular synthesis - what is it?


This is where synth building gets a little more hardcore.
the VST source code archive - for the constructivists amongst you.
Music DSP - build sound software
Theory and techniques of electronic music - by Miller Puckette. ... ities.html
Writing Audio Units (Marc Poirier from Destroy FX)

kVr forums
EM411 : Good broad based electronica makers' site -interviews, reviews etc. Login required but no spam. - electronic musician's site
OSX - good source of info and forums for OSX audio.
Harmony Central
The Auditorium
AudioShot - cost effective web hosting for audio and art


*****music "theory" (the european rules!)***** - comprehensive music theory basics. Flash-based, simple.
music Theory for songwriters
Raven's Spiral Guide to Music Theory - 500k downloadable pdf
musical terms dictionary
Music Theory and History online
Chordhouse - chords & scales for guitar and piano
Aquallegro - music theory teaching software ... Ebony.html
Ebony&Ivory - software that provides information about chords
Microtonal music - the Huygens-Fokker Foundation
Free sheet music
Notes as frequencies ... index.html
A practical guide to music composition ... genumber=1
the composition thread

Breakbeats - the guide
african drumming Foundation course
Tubab Muso - westafrican percussion
Maquam World - learn Arabic beats
Middle Eastern rhythms
Middle Eastern percussion resources
The polyrhythm page
Drum lesson database ... /index.asp
the Drum Beat - more lessons
panta rei's drumming page - links to drumming pages.
the Hip Rhythm Digest

*****playing keyboards*****
Chordhouse - virtual piano chord building
learn Jazz piano
Musicplay - Play ze piano
Pianonanny ... yboard.htm
Virtual Piano chords

The Studio Handbook (formerly Studio Covers) : Music/sound production article links, frighteningly well organised.
School Of Audio Engineering's reference centre on all things sound.
Sound On Sound - articles on music and audio production. ... almain.asp
Computer Music tutorials - online forum full of rude, nasty people
ProsoundWeb - online forum full of boring engineers
Sound physics
More sound physics (top section only, rest a bit dated).
the speed of sound. If you needed to know :) ... index.html
All about MICROPHONES ... 797f2df944
More about microphones
All about HEADPHONES ... td_alp.php
Dolby and surround info
5.1 surround on a CDR
Audio and 3D sound links
Equalisation tips ... index.html
Reverberation - some science

Jack - audio application which will let you route audio between applications (except Protools), as well as connect a number of different applications to an audio device.
Jack OSX
Soundflower - another audio application which will let you route audio between applications (except Protools).

Wormhole - network computers (MAC)
FX Teleport (PC) - VST plugin for networking audio.
the Audiospace project (a Mac-based project)

OS9 mac software
Protools FREE download page (OS9 or Win98 only)
Protools Free PC compatibility notes
MultiVSTShell - freeware OS9 host that feeds VSTs into Protools Free and other Protools OS9 systems. You must collect the OS9 VSTs yourself - COFA's ones are all OSX. Search for them here :
Ugly VSTi Host - another freeware OS9 host that feeds VST instruments (but not FX) into Protools Free and other Protools OS9 systems. OSX version also available.
VST-MIDI app - freeware OS9 app : load an audio file into it, apply VST FX, output a file.
SPIG - FREE OS9 equivalent to Wiretap (record any audio on your comp)
Sound App application. (OS9 file conversions, e.g. MP3 to AIFF etc)
Blade encoder (OS9 make MP3s from AIFF or WAV files)

** Also check the PLUGGO and VST sections of this document - you'll find OS9 equivalents for many plugs.

MIDI FILES ... _midi.html
MIDI for beginners.
Find that MIDI file
Standard MIDI files on the net
Classical and jazz MIDI files . Quite scary.
MIDI explorer (popups)

AT&T Natural Voices Text-to-Speech Engine demo
Sound-Induced Illusory flashing ... glish.html
Tricks with audiovisual lipsync
"Digital Needle - A Virtual Gramophone" - unusual use of vinyl records
The Indian Drum machine
9 beet stretch - 24 hour Beethoven - good source of string samples!

10,000 record labels
How to get a number 1 hit - KLF's classic "manual".
Why the music industry sucks


SOUND FX SEARCH SITES - good search engine. Try 16 bit 44100 kHz if possible/
Music Robot : "Let music robot find your sounds" POPUPS
WAV Central : 'FX' section and 'search' section are useful.

Stonewashed : Link site for various SFX sites. POPUPS
Sound Hunter : Click "Sound Effects Links" for the link page.
The FreeSite : Links to free WAV sites
"Echovibes Top 50 Sound Sites" Let the popups begin

Absolute Sound Effects archive ... Page_ID=16
Hollywood Edge : Some free effects - good quality MP3s
Partners In Rhyme : Has sound effects section.
Sound America : 'Sound effects' section is low quality, but where else are you going to find a vomiting cat ? MAJOR POPUP WARNING
Acoustica - smaller collection
A1 free sound effects

Some gaming FX
Classic speeches from the History Channel ... ounds.html
English tube underground voices - "Mind the gap"
Daily WAV - TV dialogue etc
George Bush samples - open-source movies, speeches etc.
Prelinger Archives - educational films etc
The Open Video Project
Sounds of space

MUSIC SAMPLES (beats etc.) ... 2bb520dfa4
SampleSwap - both music and FX samples
KillerBeats ... ndex.shtml
BBC collection -quite good ! Watch the categories date …
Loopasonic - well organised site. Login (free) required.
Tout Pour La Musique ! - Beats labelled with BPM but not style. ... amplepack= - big collection, SEARCHABLE.
Doru Malaia World - free sounds and useful links lists
Superloops : check those crazy categories
Mean Beat - click "Samples"
Breakbeats - prof site with some freebies.
ZeroMedia - Short hits & some loops
NS Kit - acoustic drum kit and other instruments, high quality and mega MB
Uni Of Iowa- 'Classical' instruments
SonicHound - drums and synths samples
Electronisounds - prof. Sample CD site with demo packs.
Hollow Sun - vintage keyboard and synth sounds
The Mod Archive - synthesiser focus.
Doru Malaia World - samples, soundfonts and more
Manytone Music - some drums and percussion
Proloops - professional site with some free loops ... eries.html
Cymbal samples ... sounds.php
Classic drum machine samples
Classic beatboxes (AKAI)
Guitar samples
R.A.W. - unusual instruments ... mples.html
DMS free sound samples
Studio 13 - ecelectic collection
Pattern Based drums

AudioFill - search for soundfonts, WAVs etc. ... and_Loops/
Google Directory link page - BIG ! ... and_Loops/
Dmoz - really really big list
Biggerer and biggerer list on a Computer Music forum - good link site, also for software
MIDIWORLD Links list ... _links.htm
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Impressive list. What about keeping a web page somewhere with this list?

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