Audio Poison Releases Strontium-90 RF Modulator for Propellerhead Reason!

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What is the Strontium-90 RF Modulator?

Strontium-90 RF Modulator is a creative effect rack extension for Propellerhead Reason. With it, you can add modulatable textures and thickness to your sound. The modulators have all been fine tuned for musical application and can really add definition to literally any type of sound and/or instrument. Whether you want to high light the upper components of your percussion, or radiate a bass line with your choice of amplitude, phase, frequency and ring modulators, Strontium-90 will add that extra touch to anything.

The radio frequency modulators can be routed with either invertible post-or-combined filtering with variable series/parallel switching. Next, Strontium-90 also includes both an optionally host-synchronizable, or loosely timed, envelope and low frequency oscillator, common to musical synthesis, to allow you to further extend your sound into the world of string theory. The VCO of these modulation controls can be sent, in parallel, to all of the multi-variate control knobs pertaining to both the RF modulator and internal filter.

Additionally, and going into a little bit more detail, the low frequency oscillator has both host-synchronized rate and phase positioning controls with your preference as to whether it oscillates with either half-rectified, bipolar or unipolar waveforms. The phase control is truncated into steps of pi/4 increments (-/+), and will always automatically reset every instance where the current project position resets to the left region indicator to absolutely ensure the consistency of the timing for the modulation controls.

More information available from the Propellerhead Shop @

Some more demonstration videos will be posted shortly. Further more, you can expect to see VST, AU, RTAS and AAX versions of Strontium-90 hopefully by summer. Subscribe to this announcement if you want to be informed about updates as they come available!
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