multi output in the kontakt 5 909 package

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Post Tue Dec 02, 2014 4:40 am


I just bought the 909 sequencer package from you and wonder if there is a way to assign the different instruments, kick etc. to their own out in a 16 channel kontakt instance? As I have it now, all instruments are on the main and that is very limiting.

I tried to browse through the kontakt inteface and different pages but I could not find anywhere where I could do this?


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Re: multi output in the kontakt 5 909 package

Post Tue Mar 03, 2015 9:09 am

Hi, great question! We've made a short video showing you how to do this for our 808 instrument. The process is the same for the 909:

Let us know right away if you run into any problems.

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