A/B 2 of my tracks as I'm changing methods (Modern Trance/EDM)

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Post Sun Apr 05, 2015 9:54 am

Hi all,

I'd really like opinions here,

Since day one I've always worked along the lines of mixing, volumes, EQ, FX, as I build a track, so there was no separate mixdown, balance, sweetening stage etc - it was all done right from the start.

Recently I've been trying to separate the creative/composition process vs the technical mixing process. Ala the more traditional approach.

For me I enjoy working the latter way more, I can concentrate on just laying sounds down and getting arrangements made without getting bogged down with making everything sound "just right" which avoids my creative flare getting burnt out.

I would really help me if I could have some honest opinions on purely technical (but throw in creative comments if needs) on two of my tracks as follows;

My old "everything from get go" style

More traditional, tracking>arragment>mixdown>fx approach


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