Tau mk2 Owner need Audio Unit 64bit version PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

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Post Sat Oct 03, 2015 9:33 am


Please find a little time to make an OSX Audio Unit 64bit version of your unique & Fantastic Tau MK2

I'm owner of Tau MK2

I'm owner of x0xb0x, cyclon TT303 + all existing 303 OSX plugin and your Tau MK2 have the BETTER AND MORE REALISTIC SOUND OF ALL, IT'S MY FAVORITE :-)

I'm just leave my G5 PPC and my old Logic for a MacBookPro and Logic X but then i loose Tau MK2 cause it can't work and i really can't leave without it! Tau MK2 is on all my song!

So please, help me and others,


All the Best,


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