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I've been following the PC_Install_Guide and have successfully downlaoded and installed ASIO4ALL and Engine2

However, when I come to this step :-
2.5. Next you will be presented with a box titled 'Midi Preferences'. Click the first drop down, 'In 01:'. Choose 'USB MIDI Interface'. (Fig. 4) On some computers the name may be different e.g. 'In'. Click 'OK'.

The dropdown is blank, and I cant choose USB MIDI Interface.

Can anyone suggest where I should look to address this issue?

Using Windows Vista

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Post Tue Oct 27, 2015 11:58 am

Hello Iain,

Here are a few things to check/questions:

Which MIDI instrument and MIDI interface are you using? If it has a power light, please make sure it is on.

Is your MIDI interface visible to other MIDI compatible programs?

Please make sure your MIDI interface is connected before launching Engine.

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