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Was just looking how to create polychords in RC.
If I create a new chord by Em-C or Em\C
but I get EEm\C
There's been so many changes maybe I'm not up with it ?
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If you place the Em\C to C you would get the expected result.
It is treated as a Major 7th chord with 2 added notes at the top.

I'll make it possible to use negative note offsets for chords soon.
Copy this into an .rcCHRD file and place the file into RapidComposerV3/DB:

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name="C+Em"; shortname="C+Em"; notes=-11,-7,-4,0,5,8; group=User; 
This works, sort of, you just need to adjust the chord to B because you use an inversion for Em with the lowest note at B:



I'll make it possible to use negative note offsets for chords soon.
Thanks that will be good for Polychords


It seems RC, to make the most sense symbolically, will need to recognize (at least) two separate chord notations - one for a given chord over an arbitrary (single) bass note, and one for a given chord over another chord.

By longstanding standard usage, / letter means "over the bass note".

So, Em/C = Em chord over C bass note

As for chord over chord, is there a standard symbology for that?

If not, perhaps something like this could be used in RC:

Em | Ab7 two chords

In my mind, the question would remain "Which is on the top, which on the bottom?".

Offhand, I want to read left-to-right, bottom-to-top, meaning Em | Ab7 would be

Em underneath Ab7 on top

IOW, that is as it would lay out on the keyboard, in direct order, as read, left-to-right, bottom-to-top.

However a) that is opposite of the way the "over the bass note" notation works, and b) might be contrary to some standard usage (?) for polychords.

One solution would be to have a setting for the way " | " polychord notation is read. IOW, the user could choose left-on-top or right-on-top.

How do other users think this should be approached/symbolized?


Hi how can i download beta 4.1.7 ?


Hi distomen,

I'll send you the beta download links in PM.
From now this topic is read-only, please use the v4 beta topic.


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