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Post Sat Jun 11, 2016 5:25 am

I sure miss Stephen Howell and his regular e-mails with new Hollow Sun products and his generous giveaways and fun no-brainer deals.

It was always fun to read his enthusiastic reports of new projects, upcoming products and his ideas about things in the music industry and life. He was also a friendly correspondent whenever I wrote to him, and something definitely feels missing with him gone.

I haven't yet purchased all of the Hollow Sun products that I want to have, so I really hope the company keeps going and that there will be future correspondence and sales, etc. I haven't received any news for more than a year, I think.

I was just listening to some demos I did with my Hollow Sun products and found myself thinking of Stephen and wondering what's going on with Hollow Sun. I'm a little sad to see so little activity in this forum and on the Hollow Sun site, but I trust someone is still looking after things and intending to keep doing so. Please let there be sufficient warning if the business is ever to be taken offline.

Hope everyone's doing okay,

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Re: Missing Stephen Howell

Post Sat Jun 11, 2016 6:23 pm


Yes, things have been very silent for quite some time unforuntately, what with my other engagements and lack of time to spend on the next HS product... I duly apologize. I don't plan on keeping it that way for sure!

Rest assured we (Angela and myself) don't have any inclination of shutting down HS for good. In fact, Angela got in touch with one of Steve's friends who is willing to lend a hand in most matters related to HS, including product design, sampling, editing, and so on... So if all goes well I won't be alone trying to keep the HS boat afloat - it's always better when you have an extra pair of hands and an extra brain! :)

There were no newsletters because I didn't want to keep the interest up artificially with no solid information on any possible future products... However it looks that people in general don't seem to mind that, as sales are still somehow (miraculously) happening, with 0 cents spent for marketing... Weird but true! Just shows how important a person Steve was, I guess...

Cheers and thanks for your thoughts!

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