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Post Wed Mar 29, 2017 8:30 pm

Hi guys! I've just uploaded all my preset to payhip https://payhip.com/abstractcats
They are sent automatically now!
Website update:
I'll be taking down my site, over the next few days, as I'm learning CSS/JS, so I can code it, from the ground up, no more drag and drop, WYSIWIG editor, I've been using Xara's Web Designer, and its been a great help in some ways, but after more careful study, its not the best thing for me, as I want to have total control over the code, as the Xara editor is proprietary software, I can not edit the code.

Becoming a software developer:
I'm getting more focused and motivated to learn over the next 8- 12 months. Also, I'm focusing on Reaktor, and should have my first synth, of FX, done this year.

As a composer:
I'm working on a new ambient/ granular album. And I feel more focused and determined, to make something really special, I've had some good ideas, I believe, but many have been half baked, and unfinished. The new album is called, Ambient Theoreis Of Human Mutation, I have a very specific goal and sound in mind. I'm taking my time, and care. If it takes the rest of 2017, so be it, I'm really looking fore word to this one.

Thanks for all the support, and input, over the years.
Cheers, Scott "Absatractcats" George :hug:

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