midichords with cubase

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Post Thu Jun 22, 2017 7:23 am


i want to have explanation. there is no documentation.

first i have the choice between create a rack or a vst instrument.

How to use midichords please ?

Tony Ostinato
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Re: midichords with cubase

Post Sun Jun 25, 2017 2:14 pm

midichords was the big reason i changed my rig to reaper several years ago, it was just too hard to get midichords happenin in cubase.

maybe thats changed now i havent looked at it since then.

the routing you want is from midi input to midichords to vst instrument

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Re: midichords with cubase

Post Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:15 am

Asking here - is the question for midiChordSplit?

In Cubase there are chord tracks that take care of chords as such.

midiChordSplit I use in plugins as DDMF Metaplugin and BluecatAudio Patchwork.
There you can load any number of synths and midi plugins like piz stuff and route in various ways - and save as a preset.

So in an instrument track or rack instrument you can load Metaplugin/Patchwork and select a preset for that instance.
Since multi out instruments can be used in instrument tracks since Cubase 7.5 - there is no real need for using rack instruments anymore.

In Cubase Pro you have track archives, and you can save such a setup that you reuse with track and all.

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Re: midichords with cubase

Post Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:52 am

It's actually very easy to get MIDIchords working in Cubase. It took me a minute to figure it out, but now it makes total sense. I knew there had to be a way. This is super important for some people who use MIDIChords and Cubase because (like many built-in chorder apps in DAWs) Cubase's Chorder does not respond correctly to legato playing. So notes are often missing from programmed voicings if your MIDI note inputs are legato. I don't know why they don't change this in Cubase and Logic's chorder apps... They just don't work correctly!

Anyway, InsertPiz MIDIChords works perfectly with legato note input and accounts for legato note transitions. I play EWI, so this is the only one that works for me since it is a monophonic instrument and breath controlled which means you're always playing legato note transitions unless you articulate, but I want smooth legato notes most of the time when playing pads so articulating each note transition sounds wrong...

Here's the way you do it: Dial up a VSTi track (new virtual instrument track). Program your voicings into MIDIChords or select one of your previously saved MIDIChords presets.

Select your main input controller as the MIDI input at the top of the channel strip. For example I would choose my EWI, or you will choose your keyboard, or whatever. This MIDI input will control MIDIChords.

Now dial up another VSTi track. This is the track you'll put your softsynth on. Kontakt, Dexed, Reaktor, Dune 2, or whatever...

Now, at the top of that channel strip, choose MIDIChords as the MIDI input. It seems to be numbered based on what channel it is installed on before the channel name. In my Cubase project, for example, it is labeled "02.MIDIChords - MIDI OUT". That is the MIDI input you want to select at the top of the channel strip. MIDIChords creates a virtual MIDI channel and that's what you want to select.

You must record arm the track MIDIChords is on, and then you must also record arm the channel that your softsynth is on too or it won't work!

Now play your input instrument and you will hear MIDIChords working.

Pretty sweet.

It was actually more confusing to figure it out in Reaper. In Reaper, you setup MIDIchords on a VSTi track, then you setup a VSTi track with your softsynth on it. Then, against all logic, you route an AUX send from the MIDIChords VSTi track to the VSTi softsynth track you wish to hear. You only have to record arm the MIDIChords VSTi track in Reaper to get this to work. Doesn't make sense to me, but that's how I figured out that it worked (after an hour or so of toiling around trying to figure it out...)

Reaper would be so awesome if you could just use Soundtoys plugins reliably ahhhh! I am on Cubase now because of that.

Good luck and enjoy MIDIchords it is the best chorder plugin in existence!

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