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Post Sat Jun 24, 2017 12:22 pm

Hello KVR! Wanted to post an update for Abtractcats!

Pt.1 Still make sounds: working an update to my Serum Preset pack. And also, making a another one, since I've been watching tutorials. Still planing the next preset pack.

Pt.2-Also working on a sample pack of drum loops, mostly abstract, and glitchy.

No.2. Pt.1- Reaktor/ VST Development: Downloaded JUCE, and taking a Udemy.com course on C++, for making VSTIs. Reaktor: reading the manual basics, and going through video tutorials to find the best ones. If you have some suggestions, please post some links :)

Pt.2 Finding interesting thing on JavaScript, to make music apps, just cuz in looks neat O'! And might be useful in the future. All kinds of interesting things happening in the world of Java Script/JAVA as relates to music, and animated graphics programs. Yeah, I know it probably can be done in C++, but its good to see what else is go on :)

No.3 My new site should be complete this coming week(posting a WIP screen shot here too). Completely hand coded, by your's truly :)
Also, studying web design, as my main income, as back up, should I not make a living as a software dev. Plant many crops.

Thanks to my KVR family, and my past customers. More Soon, ScotAC :)
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