Why is Slate Digital hated?

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Post Sat Jan 18, 2020 8:56 am

I like the plugins... Just not the front of the company.

I don't really care about his hype marketing bullshit anyone with half a brain will see right through it and test the products for themselves. If you like them you buy them...

My real beef was with his treatment of long term buyers when they went sub. And the dubious lines he came up with trying to tell everyone that rental was the only way to go. I'm not bothered to regurgitate the whole 'subgate' on GS but he said some very laughable and imo dishonest things. Not to mention the promises he made which never materialized.

Where's my FX-G2 btw? :lol:

Bottom line for me, I like Slate's plugins and use them. I've no problem with subs in general either... Just not the way he(they) went about it. His marketing is way OTT but who cares, a lot of guys do it. I just don't like him because of his past actions. Does anyone really like a used car salesman? :hihi:
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