Synthmaster 2.9 and Synthmaster One Comparison

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kv331 wrote:
Thu Dec 28, 2017 10:55 am
SynthMaster One is a single layer, single screen synth. So it's easier to get around. In a couple of months we're hoping to release in for iOS as well, and after the iOS release we will start working on a hardware that can run SynthMaster One.

SynthMaster is currently a 2 layer synth with more advanced oscillators + modulation sources. but hopefuly with v3.0, it'll have up to 16 layers. it's gonna have a "flexible" architecture where you can add modulation sources, layers, effects, etc. This is something both SynthMaster 1 and 2 are lacking :) oh, it'll have a wavetable editor + granular synthesis as well!
I know is an old post and the development of version 3 may be very well ongoing already, but I have a suggestion: current synths with multi-layer ability (like Rapid, Avenger etc) although they allow making complex sounds from scratch, they all lack the true multi-timbral architecture (aka loading multiple presets in a single instance).

This lack of modularity makes layering impossible within a single instance, so many instances are always needed for layering simple presets. Now, I personally don’t need a bigger Rapid, but I would very much welcome a true multi-timbral approach that would let me properly browse (maybe even preview, Omnisphere style) and load entire presets as layers inside Synthmaster 3.

Happy New Year! And best of inspiration for the upcoming decade :)

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