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Post Tue Mar 27, 2018 3:19 am

Well, i really do not wanted to make another dance track but i was playing around with the new Moog app, gets a bit frustraited with it on my phone and jumped to GarageBand. Played around with the loops and the live loop thingie (i wish Logic would add that too).
i got inspired by a funky bass line and put together more.
It got me a happy feeling and i wanted to take it further.
So imported it into Logic, added a few more loops (yes i did use obvious a lot loops here which i normally try to avoid), recorded a few synth lines, played a vocoder live and some FX in the channel strip. Some time later i got this track here. Funny how things can happen.
It´s not my best work for sure but it was created from a moment and started on my phone this time :)
So involved in this "accident" here: GarageBand iOS, Logic Pro X, PPG Infinite, Dune 2, Icarus, Replika XT and Breeze 2.
:love: :D
https://soundcloud.com/user-790535032/i ... g-for-love

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