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Post Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:54 am

Blue Cat's Late Replies, our creative delay workstation, has been updated to version 1.1, with many new features and improvements. The free update is available for download for free, using the link received by email upon purchase.

If you do not already own the plug-in, check it out: we are running an exceptional promotion until April 20th (99 EUR/USD instead of 129).

What's New in Late Replies 1.1:
- The GUI can now be zoomed from 70% to 200%.
- Input and output effects strips can now be locked.
- Last loaded preset is now remembered in session and displayed in the presets menu.
- Plug-in state can now be reverted to the last loaded preset.
- Default preset now also saves the state of locks (when using "save as user default").
- Major presets loading improvements: hosted plug-ins are now reloaded only when changed, and updated otherwise. Improves performance and audio rendering when loading presets using the same plug-ins.
- Faster GUI loading / instantaneous GUI display after it has been opened once.
- Limiter on/off state is now independent from presets ("always locked").
- New option to keep plug-ins windows always on top.
- Performance and memory usage improvements.
- Improved Pitch Shifter built-in plug-in (fixed aliasing artefacts and added new modes).
- VST3: factory presets are not exposed to the host application anymore.
- Fixed minor compatibility issues with Mac OS High Sierra.
- Fixed: changing bypass in the Audio Unit version did not update host application's bypass state.
- Fixed: bypass buttons are now in sync with the hosted plug-ins' state.
- Mac: fixed presets directory not properly created for built-in plug-ins, breaking the save preset feature.
- Win: fixed copy/paste that sometimes stopped working until next app restart.



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