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Postby glokraw; Thu Jul 19, 2018 1:17 pm Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

I updated my Amplitube 4 and Fulltone collection,
and authorized them, as it was in a new wine setup,
and used the Custom Shop 'restore my gear' option
load previous purchases into the new A4, in my case,
the gear from Ampltube Fender LE, that was bundled
with 1st generation Fender Mustang usb amps,
Fender Twin Reverb, SuperSonic, and MH-500 amps,
which are by themselves capable of a great range of tones.
An acoustic-simulator stomp is now in A4, gotta try it out
later on :hyper:
6517 posts since 6 Oct, 2004

Postby glokraw; Wed Jul 25, 2018 2:49 pm Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Old news by now, to many, but the linux Reaper port
now has it's own dedicated forum on the main page.


The reaper devs have done a great job in a short time.
Jack Winter and osxmidi have added crucial insights
into making the most out using Reaper in linux,
with a wide array of software and hardware coming into
the discussions. Existing linux topics have been continued
in the new forum, so current trains of thought were not derailed.
Looking forward to continued learning at a great new
and finally :hyper: official :hyper: resource.
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Postby glokraw; Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:02 pm Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php ... ost2021942

Andrew479 at the linux Reaper forum mentions some details
for using Reaper in a rooted Android phone. Pretty cool, I hope
he keeps pumping out success stories, and Reaper team
keeps extending their push into non win-mac territories.
Some ARM based synths will come in handy, perhaps
sooner than later!
I made time to try the cross platform Monique monosynth demo,
and it's quite nice. I liked running two instances, with the same sound,
one with legato, the other without, and extending the release envelope
on one of them. Also adding a third, but with a different octave setting
yada yada.

Some nice sounds, and inbuilt preset management, pretty good value
at the current $49 price, with lots of controls
for a good sound designer to make use of.
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Postby glokraw; Tue Aug 14, 2018 2:00 am Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Got Ezdrummer V1 working in wine/reaper. It's now
legacy software, since Toontrack have released V2, but it's
still worth having, and using it is easy.

No problem using Toontrack's Program Manager,
which someone mentioned works fine, and it did
for me, also. Handled the download, install, and authorization
in just minutes. Plus their support helped resurrect
my quite ancient and broken account!
Pretty impressed by their whole operation. :hyper:

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