Down Under [Bitpop/Chiptune] - Tribute to Men at Work

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Post Sun May 06, 2018 11:46 pm
Made with the sounds of the Commodore 64 home computer.

I think its long overdue that I do an Australian song so here's a classic for you. Every time I listen to this song I become 1% more Australian.

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Re: Down Under [Bitpop/Chiptune] - Tribute to Men at Work

Post Mon May 07, 2018 2:32 am

The original is one of my favourite silly pop songs, so I had to listen to this. Quite enjoying your covers. Great fun in a kooky way with the juxtaposition of 8-bit bleeps and crystal clear human vox.

The local Australian pub here is called The Down Under, and I celebrated my birthday there last year. We obviously did a cover of this track as well, albeit in a rather different style.
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Re: Down Under [Bitpop/Chiptune] - Tribute to Men at Work

Post Mon May 07, 2018 2:59 am

The original is also one of my faves and I also like chiptune stuff, so, needless to say, I quite enjoyed this.
As previous poster said, the combination of bleeps and blops and a 'real' voice I find also cool.
Thanks, well done.

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