In Windows 10 CSII causing Kontakt 5 mini crash... only with CSII

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Post Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:13 pm

SOLVED THIS SO IGNORE IT.... FINALLY MY GRAPHICS CARD WENT CRAZY... something about Kontakt uncovers it. Will buy one tomorrow and a new power supply. These are always the first things to suspect for ghost bizarre problems.

Happens in or out of DAW. Freezing of screen and kontakt mini crash. Does not fully crash anything. But it is frozen on relaunch of kontakt while still sounding fine. I can consistently close kontakt the adjustment has been made. This is true for dials but cannot open drop menus. Does not happen with another library. Anyone experience this? Other then this no errors on my system when working. So far I have changed drivers on audio card. Video card showing no errors. Did not happen in Kontakt 4.1

8 core AMD GTX750 32gb ram.

Kirk how much to move to CSIII which is programmed for 5?


I own 3 to 4 of your products I believe.

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