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I`m not sure if it`s the right forum... Recently my situation kinda changed, now I play electric guitar only at night and I need some headphones easy to handle for hours. I have Senheiser HD 203 and they aren`t comfy enough for that task plus they boost higher freqs, sounds not good. Same goes with my street armature in-ear headphones.
So I think getting smth really light, maybe Clip-On Headphones or another In-ear ones that would sound Ok for electric guitar ( heavy distorted tones mostly) and easy to wear
Just want to know if someone uses such type of headphones and what models the one might recommend :phones:
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Where are your headphones plugging in?
The jack on a modeling amp?
Your daw line-out? If it's a modeling amp,
verify if it has a cab-sim on the headphone/line-out,
which is likely a 1/8" combo jack, unless you have
higher-end gear. You might even want a headphone amp
with an equalizer, which might make over-ear choices
more tolerable. I can't think of many better ways
to destroy you hearing, than hours of in-ear distortion.
Better to build a practice booth, move, take a second job if needed,
than to turn your eardrums into mashed potatoes :(

I use some loose fitting MG900 headphones,
for Fender Mustang amps, not anywhere near audiophile
as headphones go, but they've held up very well
in a somewhat hostile environment, and comfortable enough
for some long sessions. Some name-brands bit the dust
in the early goings.
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Hi, thanks for input!
When I need guitar practicing there are 2 scenarios:
1) PC with audio Interface and full chain emulation
2) Some hardware devices (preamp and standalone cabsim with Aux in and out). That`s actually my primary option. No latency, pure analog.

Yeah, now I can see the idea of using in-ear headphones for this task is a bit silly. Practice booth is cool but still I was recommended to practice with metronome via headphones exclusively for the maximum precision. So whether I get 10 jobs I would still need smth :) Kinda frustrated that hi-quality headphones are on\over ear only. Will have a look at MG900, thanks for suggestions!
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For headphones I always recommend to go to a real shop and test yourself what fits comfortably.

NB: the manual of my Koch Loadbox recommends the cheapest walkman-style phones for using with guitar amps (lots of midrange, lesser highs) Maybe just try some different MP3-player / phone earbuds you'd throw away otherwise because they aren't hifi.
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That`s exactly what I assumed, midrange is the only needed for guitar, thanks! I already bought some unexpensive clip-on headphones today as my street headphones broke during walking, will try it soon with guitar.
Also like your signature! Cheers from 8472 :wink:

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