Me Myself and I Remix (third try)

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lil big Dillon
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Post Fri Jul 20, 2018 1:46 pm

hey, this is my third time posting this song (sorry!) but i've spent another 20 or so hours on it now...
i'm just looking for honest feedback. don't be afraid to tell me it sucks. i know i learned a lot in those 40 hours, but i've also heard it so much it just sounds like noise.

i'm open to creative feedback as well. thank you in advance!
i have very little background in music so if something sounds off, that's why. ... i-remix-22

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Re: Me Myself and I Remix (third try)

Post Fri Jul 20, 2018 2:39 pm

My Feedback

Music - 6.5
Instruments - 7
Performance - 7
Mix - 6

Overall - 6.625

Comments: I remember this. Vocals still all over the place. Mix now sounds louder than ever. Kick and snare sounds good. Anyway, for me, that muffled, fade in vocal just doesn't work. I think it sounds terrible. And this coming from somebody who uses Vocaloid. The synth, whatever it is, is way too loud. You got a noise osc mixed in with it? Considering how little is actually going on in this song, mix shouldn't be this bad.

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