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Postby IncarnateX; Sun Aug 12, 2018 2:46 pm Electro symphonia on fabulous Fantom G

I have just made my first hardware production for two decades. It was originally an 8 bar loop, which I had clustered with voices to test the internal capacities of the fabulous Fantom G but then it evolved a life on its own. Everything is produced with Fantom G's onboard 4 tone rompler synth, sequencer and effects, though I mastered it in final touch for iPad. It is not really music I want to make, it sounds too commercial in my ears for that, but it just came to be, so why not share it and move on?

Anyway here is the musical metaphor it is build upon. Terra formers are machines that are going to make other planets habitable in a not too distant future. In the tune we find them at work. The machines (the bass figure) are carrying various elements one by one (the melodic themes, chords, etc.) to a central spot where they set up a working base. At the base, the different elements get interconnected and contribute each to a new whole: Life (the symphonical and polyphonical meeting of the elements at the end of the tune). You will hear the machines communicate all through the tune. I wonder what they say?

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Postby layzer; Sun Aug 12, 2018 3:42 pm Re: Electro symphonia on fabulous Fantom G

cool sounds. great production with only one quib: decrease the level of that ching-ching thing ;)
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Postby IncarnateX; Sun Aug 12, 2018 3:59 pm Re: Electro symphonia on fabulous Fantom G

Thanks mate :) but which one is the ching-ching thing, the hi-hats? :help:
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Postby Nubm; Sun Aug 12, 2018 4:14 pm Re: Electro symphonia on fabulous Fantom G

I think as far as commercial production value goes its out of competition (that is not meant to be rude or anything).
The main beat is a bit blunt. The hi-hat is stinging in the ears. Although the sounds are quite nice and appealing, they rather sound a bit raw and out of the box. They are also a bit too faint in the mix at times. I liked the effects you've put in and the intro/outro. The parts inbetween could have some more dynamic, shifting focus, etc. I was expecting a bit more heavy duty robots, hissing air vents, steal beams under critical tension, the atmosphere evolving, and such. Its in there, but mostly as hints and implications. Now that i've listened to it a few times it was easier to recognize those elements better, the interconnections, alarms going off in the background, jumpstarting generators, voltage spikes, hammering, and so on.

The whole song remotely reminded me on 'Still on Mars' by Astral Projection. Not the sounds specifically but that moving fast while standing still feel. So i'd say you kinda archieved your goal. It sounds a bit outdated though. Took those machines a long time to arrive on their destination i guess. ^^

But this is just my opinion, im glad you shared that song!
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Postby IncarnateX; Sun Aug 12, 2018 5:25 pm Re: Electro symphonia on fabulous Fantom G

Thanks, man. Did you really had the patience to listen to it more than once? I hated it when I was halfway through the lay out in Fantom G. About the outdated sound thing: No, shit. I just mashed things up in a hurry. When I heard my spontanous arpeggiator theme I thought “WTF? Since when have I begun to play old school synthpop?” :lol:

I did not want to imply that my production could compete with the pro’s, it is rather the music that sounds a little like pop or filmmusic to me at the end of the day.

And damn those #@&*% hats. I prop made a wrong peak when I mastered the tune, so they can be hard to the ears. I will take your feedback with me into future production because this one is not worth giving more efforts. Thanks a lot, Vurt :tu: Had not seen that coming.

BTW: I love Astral Projection’s “We have the technology”. It is more melodic compared to their other works and have the same mood as Terraformers, though different styles and all that.
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Postby ChamMusic; Mon Aug 13, 2018 2:02 pm Re: Electro symphonia on fabulous Fantom G

Listened twice - enjoyed it!


Some great ideas in there that 'lock' together very well to create that mechanical groove...

For me, it just lacks that killer soaring, memorable melody to complete it + maybe some note choices in the riffs / arpeggiators could be tweaked a little?

It could also rise and fall texturally a bit more as well...more variation in the amount of layers playing at one time?


It certainly works - good to listen to first time, but slightly fatiguing second time around...

Tad harsh in the high frequencies and the hi hats and drums in general are too high in the mix for me.

Lots of moving parts which can get in each other's way at times. I felt that too many layers were swirling across the stereo quite wildly at times...could this be tightened on some tracks?

Also, there's a lot of reverb across a lot of parts, (apart from that kick that's right at the front of the mix)...maybe the amount of reverb could be varied a bit more to improve the soundstage from front to back of the mix?
Mark Taylor
Chameleon Music
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Postby IncarnateX; Mon Aug 13, 2018 9:14 pm Re: Electro symphonia on fabulous Fantom G

Hi @ChamMusic
Thanks for listening and feedback. Good points about reverb and stereo effects. This tune was but a test and I really do not like it that much myself, so I will just leave it as is, but I will take your advice about reverb and stereo swirlings with me to my next productions. They are important issues.

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