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ChamomileShark wrote: Also Xphraze I'd possibly use occaisionally if I could.

I owned Xphraze and sold it but if I'm not mistaken some of it's DNA can be found in Air Music's Transfuser which I like a lot. Don't quote me on this but I seem to remember a co-developer of Xphraze worked on Transfuser but I could be wrong. :?
None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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URS Saturation for pc. One of the only 32bit plugins I still use. It's that good. URS became a really slug do nothing company imo.
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i wish VoS plugins got ported to Mac, those and Oatmeal/Charsiesis are possibly the ones i miss the most
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Postby fluffy_little_something; Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:15 am Re: Old Plugs You Wish Would Be Updated To 64Bit, Get New Engine(OSC) amd/or New FX

e-musician wrote:
fluffy_little_something wrote:I used to use the Superwave Trance Pro for quite a while, would be cool if it had up-to-date sound quality.

Some time ago it was updated to 64 bit.
Don't know if the update had any impact on the sound quality.


I doubt it is genuinely 64bit, they probably just bundled a bridge because they offer all their synths in 64bit versions, even those that include lots of 3rd-party SE modules which were never ported to 64bit.
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The Noodlist
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KT-C by Kingtao.
Antress Modern plug-ins.
RedAmption by AudioTeknikk.
Phoenixinflight plugins.
Matthew Lindsay's equalisers.
Platinum ears plug-ins
All currently bridged with JBridge.
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Hardware emulation list. I don't really need anymore effects, I need to learn how to use those I already have.
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Teksonik wrote:
wagtunes wrote:
Teksonik wrote:Way too many 32 bit plugins you wish were 64 bit ? :?

I'm only replying because I'm bored. Yes, too many 32 bit plugins that I wish were 64 bit. I thought that was clear by my answer.

Oh I'm glad I was able to cure your boredom. :roll:

I was questioning your answer and the question was legitimate. There are really so many 32 bit plugins that you wish were 64 bit that you can't even list them ? I honestly can't think of one 32 bit plugin that I would really want updated to 64 bit. Some that would be nice to have updated just for nostalgic reasons ? Perhaps, but none I would lose sleep over if they never get updated again.

Maybe it's because I went all 64 bit several years ago with my current DAW and never looked back. Too many great tools at our disposal now to worry about abandoned plugins...... :shrug:

Oh and I have many of the plugins listed in this thread still installed on my old DAW which is 32 bit only by OS restriction. I haven't even bothered to call them up in years even though I boot that system quite frequently to play Battlefield 2 or Modern Warfare 3. Two old programs still worth using........ :wink:

As I said, too many to list. But just as an example, I loved all of HG Fortune's synths. They were some of the most innovative synths around. They were actually fun to use. But instability in Cubase 64 it, even using JBridge, made me eventually uninstall them all. That has to be 20 synths alone. Then there were B Serrano's stuff. X11, which was one of the most incredible pieces of randomization sequencers I have ever used. But again, instability forced me to get rid of it. Hell, even MuLab's 32 bit version doesn't even recognize it as a valid dll. Can you imagine how badly Cubase spits it up.

And I could go on and on but I won't. It's pointless. They won't ever be 64 bit so there's no point in crying over it.

But that's why I gave the answer I did, too many to list.

I was hoping those 4 words would have been enough.

Obviously, for some people, they're not.
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Because the current 64bit version is buggy (arpeggiator don't play first step)
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wagtunes wrote:But that's why I gave the answer I did, too many to list.
I was hoping those 4 words would have been enough.
Obviously, for some people, they're not.

See you were fine up until that part. Can't you just answer a simple question without being a d-bag ? Can't we just have a simple discussion without you turning it into some drama ?

I was genuinely curious about how you could miss so many 32 bit plugins especially given the fact that you own almost every modern plugin on the market at least when it comes to synths.

Perhaps there are some 32 bit plugins I'm forgetting.

Earlier today I fired up the old 32 bit DAW and looked at the list of plugins installed on it and there is not one on the list I care about being 64 bit (the ones that don't already have 64 bit versions which have made it on to my 64 bit DAW). All the 32 bit only plugins have modern alternatives I prefer. :shrug:
None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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Quikquak Rayspace. 32 bit only.
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hg fortune
gadgets an gizmos...make noise
http://gardenofsensualdelight.com/DBAR.html apologies for broken links, a contruction team is on the way
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I sort of think it'd be fun to mess around with the later system SoundBlaster 16 FM synth chip again. The original was quite nice little Yamaha chip with pristine sound, but THEN Creative Labs decided to make their own which was no-where near as good—sort of the FM chip equivalent of Arial to Yamaha's Helvetica.

It had a gungy, funky sound, though.

edit: i realize it's not a plugin. it technically came with a very simple sequencer and fm setting editor though, which may or may not be enough to technically qualify it on this list.
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Truc2 by de la Mancha
LFX-1310 by Sonic Cat
Fragmental by NDC Plugs
Abstract Chamber by Signaldust
Bionic Supa Delay by The Interruptor
Wow n Flutter by The Interruptor
RS-MET plugins
Tubeohm plugins
Eclipsis by VST Zone
Amplio2 by VST Zone

+1 for:
Cubix by Psychic Modulation
Variety of Sound (bootsy) plugins
HG Fortune and ArtVera synths
iLosynth by iloyd
StormGate1 by AraldFX
xoxos plugins
Oatmeal by Fuzzpilz
Spectron by iZotope
Spectrumworx by Little Endian
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I remember how much fun is was to fool around with Odo's Dr-Fusion V2. It sounded great, was totally intuitive and focused. I'd love a 64-bit, non-SynthEdit version.

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