List of plugins and DAWs that require deactivation / deauthorization

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Post Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:36 am

I'm switching my internal drive from an HDD to an SSD. I want to wipe the original drive clean after the migration.

I know that some companies require you to de-activate / de-authorize your license before moving to a new drive/computer, otherwise you'll lose the activation once the original drive it was tied to is erased.

I always find the process of migrating stressful, so I thought making an official list of plugins that require deauthorization might be helpful to anyone moving to a new computer or about to upgrade their hard drive. I've never seen all of the information in one place.

If anyone can post their experiences or warn about plugins that require deactivation, please feel free to contribute and I'll start updating a list in this thread.

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Re: List of plugins and DAWs that require deactivation / deauthorization

Post Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:00 am

Soft iLok and soft eLicenser.

Waves (if on hard drive and not USB)

I think Hofa needs local deactivation.

Some allow remote deactivation, such as Plugin Alliance. I’m not sure how an upgrade affects the process of deactivating the “old” machine remotely and then activating the upgrade one. Probably safest to deactivate from the machine.

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