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Post Fri May 17, 2019 7:15 pm

A friendly reminder for everyone interested:

Songwriting Competition 021 is still in full swing. The deadline is the 24th May 2019 11:59pm GMT+2/CEST (7 days left)
Genre: 80s New Wave / Synthwave, Theme "Synth Galore"

Please do spread the word as much as you can.

BONUS - two month exclusive sponsors:
Aly James Lab is kind enough to offer a license of VPROM 2.0 (value: 45EUR). Rhythmic Robot Audio is kind enough to offer a "E-MU SYSTEMS" bundle (consisting of Emulator II OMI Universe of Sounds: Vol 1 & Vol 2, and Drumulator Plus -- value: 256EUR + VAT)

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