How to map and tempo sync loop in Kontakt?

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Post Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:03 pm

I have a music loop that is in 120bpm sliced and mapped accross the keyboard and I want to follow the daw tempo. So far I have managed to make it sync with the tempo through time machine in wave editor, but since it is two bar long won’t stop playing when I am releasing the key on the keyboard. I have watched some tutorial where it says that I need to put the release to zero in modulation section but that doesn’t help, the loop continues to play.

The second thing I wonder is how to make the loop not having the quality degrading when changing the tempo? I suppose this is complicated but I was always wondering how they make it in romplers like in Nexus for example? Playing a loop sequence there in any tempo possible doesn’t degrading the quality.

So any help for a novice sound designer would be very appreciated.

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