Working on TripleCheese GUI but get some glitches please help

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Post Fri Nov 09, 2018 7:31 am

once again I rework the appearance of some synths I use an my daw

But I always kinda irritated by the u-he script :D . however I tweaked the script for TP and everything seems to be okay (Picture 1) as soon as I switch a preset glitches happen (as you can see in pic 2 &3). I assume is has to do with the layer/parent part of the script but I tried a few things but with no success.
The "/Rev.4598" should disappear as soon as the preset name comes in but it doesn't in contrary the writing on the right side disappears :? And are anyway to change the font used by u-he?

TIA Y'all
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Re: Working on TripleCheese GUI but get some glitches please help

Post Fri Nov 09, 2018 11:41 am

Not sure how it is in TripleCheese, but in all latest u-he plugins the Revision number is a separate Display element, which is independent from InfoDisplay element (which shows version and copyright info by default but switches to showing preset name when you change presets). Looks like you aligned them manually :)

As for fonts, you should be able to change them like this:

Code: Select all

CONTROL type='Display' name='Zebra Revision' bounds='0.00 0.00 46.00 10.00' parent='root' layerMask='1'
PROPERTY control='Zebra Revision' name='colours' id='0' value='black'
PROPERTY control='Zebra Revision' name='colours' id='1' value='none'
PROPERTY control='Zebra Revision' name='colours' id='2' value='red'
PROPERTY control='Zebra Revision' name='graphics' id='0' value='none'
PROPERTY control='Zebra Revision' name='graphics' id='1' value='none'
PARAMETER control='Zebra Revision' port='integer' module='PCore' parameter='Rev'
PROPERTY control='Zebra Revision' name='FontSize' id='0' value='13.00'

PROPERTY control='Zebra Revision' name='font' id='0' value='Viga-Regular'
The font files should be stored in the global Fonts folder of the synth, say: \\Data\Fonts\

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