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Ocean County Mall wrote:
Fri Nov 08, 2019 5:56 am
Hello, I am using FL studio 12 and I am trying to use the sequencer for my song. There is no way to control the sequencer from the piano interface of the PulseCode Vst. Basically I want to place different drums parts in the same track using different sequencer presets
Is this possible ?
thank you in advance!
Hi, sorry I missed your message. I don't always get notifications from kvr. It's always best to reach me via email if you don't hear back from me.

The only way to use different pattern sequences within a single preset is by using the Pattern Offset feature to create 4 different 16-step patterns. This is located at the top of the pattern sequencer where it says 'pattern pages'. You can assign a midi control to the 'start' and use it as a slider to play the different pages. Other than that you can bounce down to audio.

Another option that might not be as ideal is to just switch presets at specific parts of the track.

With PulseCode in my own music I tend to utilize the Fracture controls assigned to the Pitchwheel to build and break sequences while also using the Drum Fill Arp to play fills and rolls occasionally.

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