Dimensional Drift (Ambient Drone)

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Post Fri Dec 07, 2018 3:29 pm


Track1 - Started out as a Low C note being played through Accsone Crusher-X. I took that frozen audio and ran it through Metasynths Image filter and turned it into something more musical.

Track2 - Synclavier being run through some custom effects chains.

Track3 - Audio recording of a rainy day being run through another custom effects chain.

I actually feel this turned out good. I spent a good day mixing this and editing this. For some reason Metasynths Imagefilter has this very resonant mid-range sound (Probably because it's a bunch of bandpass filters) and it's difficult to mix unless you use extreme EQ or spectral work.

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Re: Dimensional Drift (Ambient Drone)

Post Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:31 pm

I think it works pretty well as ambient music. I wonder if another track of clearer natural sounds or instruments sparsely sprinkled in with this would give it another dimension for added interest.

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