First post here (Sharing my technique for Timestretching Drum Breaks)

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This is my first post, I really want to get involved on this forum, I'm honored to be here, I have used KVR for years and really looking forward to making friends, learning and sharing ideas and music :)

As I am posting on a different thread asking for help, I thought it only fair I share with you one of my own techniques which I have developed for Timestretching which I call Parallel Timestretching.

(Parallel Timestretch)

Much like Parallel compression, I use a similar technique when Timestretching beats to preserve the transient and stereo information. I am going to take you through the stages I would use to get the best results.

Take your Stereo Waveform and split it in to two mono channel left and right.


For advanced audio treatment such as restoring rare audio or applying dsp restoration techniques like de-noising etc I recommend splitting your waveform in to not just two channels but three (Left, Centre, Right) and treating each invdividually but for this I'm just using left and right.

Next slice each beat and manually quantize their start positions.


At this stage you need to create duplicates of each track, one to work on now another to manipulate later.

These slices will be un-timestretched and their tails will be tapered leaving the attack portions of the waveform peaks intact.

It should sound like this: ... nd-tapered


Now you can move on to the copied tracks from earlier, these slices are to have their peaks slightly reduced in attack and each slice should be Timestretched to join their tails to the start of the next slice.


Now the break can be slowed in tempo whilst preserving the peaks and transients. There will be some small phasing issues but these are easily corrected, bellow is the final result you can hear for yourselves. ... imestretch


Sample used:"Scorpio" by Dennis Coffey.

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