FiveFiveSix - kind of a slow blues type of thing, maybe

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Post Fri Feb 08, 2019 4:15 pm

This is the first mix done on the new Xubuntu system. It's a simple guitar improv, maybe some kind of a slow blues. Just a few tracks. The guitar is in one take. No edits, no comping, no retake, warts and all included. One guitar track, two synth tracks for the backdrop, one bass track. One main drum track plus one room and one hihat track. Plus some effects sends like reverb and saturation.

Comments welcomed - cheers.

Technical details

Title: FiveFiveSix - this is the 556th jam.

(Linux) Recorded in Bitwig 2.4.3, mixed and mastered in Mixbus32C

Synths backdrop:

(linvst) Blue2 - "Ambient Horizon Slow" with send to Echomelt2 (linvst)

(linvst) Ray Blaster - a modified patch whose original name I forgot


(Linux) Diva - "All you need" from the "Twilight" sound set


(linvst) MDrummer - "Tribute to Muhamad" drumset and "3-4 DnB 02" rhythm from "Special, Experimental" with lots of probability induced. Audio processing: internal.


Shiraki acoustic, Audio Technica AT2021 mic, MPA2 tube preamp, VLA2 tube compressor. Sends (all linvst): Voxengo Boogex saturation plugin, MReverbMB, Echomelt2, MUnison (chorus part)

(Linux) Mixed in Mixbus32C

(linvst) Voxengo CRTIV Chrous on MUnison send track. No other plugin. Mixbus32C built-in EQs and compressors were used. Exported at around -18 dB

(Linux) Mastered in Mixbus32C

On master bus:

(Linux) Harrison XT-ME for framing the mix
(Linux) u-he Satin tape emulation - "RP A800 Modern 30 ips"
(linvst) TR5 Quad Image with some adjustments
(Linux) u-he Presswerk Limiter - balanced preset + minimal threshold gain.

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