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Post Sat Mar 09, 2019 12:30 pm


some suggestions to further improve SynthMaster 2 :

- Pls have the pan settings show the 0 centered and perhaps have it go from -100 to +100.
Now the zero is all the way down and center is 64, making it very hard to know the exact settings,
since most if not all daws always show pan settings between -100 and +100 with 0 in the center.

- Pls have the Volume settings show the actual dB. Again as it is now it is very hard to know the exact number, we even have to do some calculating to figure it out.

- If we could double-click parameters and manually type in the values, we could set some parameters much more accurately, such as reverb and delay time, compressor settings, and so on. When we want say the reverb time 'in time' with the bpm, manually entering the value is necessary, since turning the knob isn't perfectly accurate.

- The ARP button should loose the REC toggle. Now every time we want to turn it OFF we need to toggle through REC first. The REC function should have its own button.

I hope this will be effected in the next version of would facilitate a much improved workflow.

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