Albino 3 - Metalic re-skin

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Post Wed Mar 20, 2019 5:33 pm

Hello, i would like to share the result of a work i developed in the latest weeks...



Albino have been one of my favourite plugins yet i allways somehow struggled with the UI, particularly the black and red areas, who are in the original skin key to address most of the information, so recently when i got free time i used an open source hex editor to extract all the original bitmaps from the plugin and try to re-skin its user interface.

This process was slow and painfull, because the plugin doesn't support skinning, and that means i had to be extremely carefull to not break "anything" because it could immediately turn corrupt, i can tell this was tedious to a point where the minimal mistake was enough to mess with its structure...

So keep in mind, i did this by my own risk, and i do not recomend anyone who don't fully understand how to work with an Hex editor to do it, and even if you do, the process is so painfull, that demands extreme carefull and attention, as there are hundreeds of bitmap files that you have to replace one by one...

Still because i am in a good fate and i have no intention of keep this only to my self, i would like to share the work i did with who ever might find this usefull.

In the link bellow you will find a .rar file containing all the bitmaps, they all are distributed by numerical order and this numbers are key to not be lost in the process of replacing them. ...

Disclaimer: I have no intention to harm or insult any of the developers with this topic, so if this somehow violates the rules o its inconvenient feel free to close it, which i apoligize in advance.

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Re: Albino 3 - Metalic re-skin

Post Thu Mar 21, 2019 4:05 am

Nice work.
Mr_meee wrote:
Wed Mar 20, 2019 5:33 pm
hundreds of bitmap files that you have to replace one by one...
With Resource Hacker (freeware) you can save/export and import all PNG-resources to/from a single .res-file.
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