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BTW, I have a directory as shown below, with different MIDI drum loops in subdirectories.

Is it possible to bring it all into RC and convert into Phrases in one fell swoop?
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its new batch import, implemented in 3.9b1

we can't drag drop folder / nested folders as i know .. only the files.
i would do rename the files by applying the parent folder names to file names
(i am using NameWiz but seems there is also free ones exist )
after rename, drag them out in to one folder then select all midi files & drag them to Phrase Browser.


Thanks for the info and suggestions!

I use RenameMaster here and can do something similar to what you suggest.

Still though, I'd say that to drag drop folder / nested folders is much to be desired, as I have (and there is available in general) a great deal of content already organized that way.

Another possible approach would be to allow to copy a directory tree into Rapid Composer\CustomPhrases and then tell RC to scan the tree and do a conversion to Phrases on all the .mid files found.

BTW, I'm observing a problem with .mid import of drums files where the initial kick drum on 1 is not present in the imported phrase (ruining it, obviously). Have you seen that?


first time i hear that,
would you mind uploading a few of that problematic midi files?
so we can try to understand whats wrong.


OK, for clarity and organization I've started a new topic here:


Keeping it simple with just one file to start ...


I've been trying recently to wrap my head around time signatures and how to use them in RC and on this topic saw this interesting video.


I often think what a great conceptual way it is how RC handles rhythms, and the ability to move/transfer/apply them.

Hi, sj1. First of all, welcome onboard. RapidComposer is amazing and a lot to learn for me too, and Musicdevelopments is always so friendly, as is Yellukhan.

That being said, please be careful where you post. It is polite to read the subject and previous posts before posting somewhere and if you had done so you may have noticed this thread is meant for community collecting of music theory and application in RC, please respect that and start other threads for your questions in appropriate places and with descriptive subjects. Thank you. But again, welcome onboard!


I'm all for keeping the Forum organized well.

Fine with me if admin wants to move or eliminate the several posts above here concerning directory tree imports. (And this post, and the second half of the previous comment.) If that discussion needs to resume for any reason, it can be done elsewhere.


This is a great video explaining the differences between functional harmony and modal harmony with the emphasis on writing modal progressions. Sounds like a lot there, but, not really.. lol You kind of end up with 2 or 3 chord vamps. The trick is keep the progression simple and use the tonal note from the mode a lot. (in so many words)..

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7hMEfW ... dex=2&t=0s


Thank you so very much BluGenes for that great video! Fascinating stuff in that video. I have so much still to learn, and even when some things seem familiar there's always a deeper layer. Thanks a lot for that great theory post!

Something I saw recently that I found interesting in the theory space is this one
What it makes me think of is an idea I keep having when seeing such famous songs analyzed how RC could be in a unique position to one day offer some high level tools for planning and "faking for a while" melodies, like I often hear such analyses of great songs how they start out in something, use some notes in something else and then transition to the something else thus putting the stuff before in a new light/context. I wish my brain could plan ahead for such stuff, unfortunately I'm not that good, which is why I always put my hopes in RC2020 ... which is my cheesy transition to:

and of course... HAAPPY NEW YEAR to everybdoy!!! 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My thanks also to BluGenes for the Modal Chord Progressions video link. That's a really good one, IMO!


https://youtu.be/W-59jd-crZs about the Lydian mode. If you have any advice on techniques with RC melody generators of how to emphasize that raised forth note like he suggests I'd be happy to hear about that (and of course future features to do such things)


Long as you set the scale mode and use chords that have that #4 you good. You may have tweak some though, for instance, I noticed the arpregiator only uses the 1, 3, 5.. so, if you edit the phrase and push one note the #4 it sounds really cool.

Think this is now my favorite mode, next to mixolydian.. hehe I play a lot of blues, so, mixolydian is used a lot there too..

If you play guitar, even if you don't, look for FretJam videos on YouTube, lot's of great theory there. (and very well explained, easy to understand and great presentations)..


how cool! Great to hear!
I'm currently still trying to B Dorian and B minor with switches between. Whenever i think of Myxolydian i remember this guy https://youtu.be/bwaeBUYcO5o i think once saying it's the super happy mode and also it's used in all of ACDC songs or something like that.



What I'd wish from there would be that RC had more highlevel intelligence/awareness of concepts like the ones used there so they can be used in generation of bigger picture, such as: statement of motif, sequence + suspensions (and in general suspensions for modal ambiguity suspense awareness?), fragment imitation, contrary motion, tension & ornaments, resolution and delaying them, exposition and expansion of motive, gesture repeats, waltz figures, broken chords, tapered conclusion, chorale section, repeating phrases with variations, grace notes, melodic variation, reiteration & emphasis.

I'm like a monkey saying things i have so little idea of. I really hope this is not taken as criticism, i looove RapidComposer... and everything in it is just so amazing, so much so that every time i hear something like this I wish I knew how to work this into my RC workflow... i just don't know how. I personally keep hoping for improvements in the big picture view of things like song structure, or whatever other voodooo mysticism is required because as I listen to something like this I have to wonder how the hell it all holds together, what glue makes it stick, all these parts together that while I wouldn't call this music i'd be fascinated to listen to I can't help but feel it's flowing from one to another, and even the pauses and changes work and it still works together.

Anyway, as always, hoping the video inspired somebody, of our excited composers or who knows, even the lord creator which enabled all of this, the mighty, the glorious, the amazing, the genius Hungarian that made it all happen and changed the universe and my life forever. Thank you !

... or at least, not to get overly dramatic, hoping that the video was entertaining a bit :))


I was watching this video with my jaw dropped... wow what a talented young pianist! Very inspiring! Thanks, iXaarii for posting!

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