PulseCode has been updated to v1.2

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Post Fri Apr 05, 2019 12:48 pm


PulseCode receives it's first major update.

So much was packed into this update that we skipped a version number and jumped right into 1.2. This update introduces Swing, Humanize, Fill Arpeggiator enhancements, workflow improvements plus several extra goodies.
  • Drum Fill Arpeggiator now includes a Velocity Sequencer + Sub-presets for saving custom fills
  • Left/Right arrows for quick Element browsing
  • Independent Swing control for each drum
  • Flow Offsets (alters the min/max level of the flow wave)
  • New Humanize feature added
  • Hard Gate mode
  • Direct Mode allows Air to send directly to Mixer, bypassing drum effects
  • The Sequencer now has Global Copy/Paste, which can transfer all Sequencer settings (Pattern, Flow,
  • Accents, etc) to other presets

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