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Post Sun May 12, 2019 5:18 am

basics made with maschine, all home brew samples, and programmed a polysix vst, that i sampled in two versions. the arrangement was also made within maschine.
step 2: cubase 10 pro, added padshop, for some pad sound...
mixed in cubase 10 pro
"master" with the stealth limiter in t-racks 5 standalone, for the loadness war..

it is a work in progress, but it is an old project, that's why i present it. i only know dutch proverbs... so, the reason to present it now: "voor wat peper in mijn reet", "schop onder mijn kont"...

[graphein is greek word for: writing ánd drawing. in dutch you have the word "teken", which can be applied to a word, in the philosophical and semiology meaning, the english translation would be sign. signature, i think now, perhaps the etymology in english of the word sign, is associatied with writing and drawing, i do not know.)
win 7 pro; cubase 10 pro, live 10 suite (+push 2), reaper, arturia V collection 6, reason 10, maschine (mk3+jam), korg collection, komplete 11 ultimate, softube modular, VM and many more..

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