From software to hardware failure

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Post Fri May 17, 2019 4:10 am

I've been making EDM for a couple of decades, at first with analogue gear (pre DAW period) and for 15 years only with computer, DAWs and plugins.

Last week, I decided to bring back my hardware/anlogue gear from the attic and rebuild my studio.
1 week later, I feel it is a failure.
-what a mess all this audio cables everywhere across the room, I was so fed up I did not even wired the midi cables.
-I switched on the TR909, no more memory : damaged batteries ruined the battery case (I forgot to remove them)
-SH 101, TB303 and TR808, buzzy noise while moving some faders, which happilly disapears after some knobs and sliders tweakings.
-JP8000, distorted low level audio output, classic failure of one capacitor in this synth (was working fine before I stock it in the original box 15 years before, even when not used, the synth is damaged !)

Sure, the sound that comes out from hardware synths is better than most plugins but what a mess, no total recall, lot of wires, need a entire room space and adapted furniture to put the gear, fragile, not easy to integrate with DAW, no automation.
I've not been abble to make serious music for 1 week and have spent lot of time to try to find each synth the best place in order to plug it to the mixer, order parts and tools for fixing the broken gears.

I think it is not worst and I will put all this hardware back in the attic and go back to the computer wich is more user friendly.

Can you share your experience and tell how you deal with hardware setup and how you include it with your DAW ?

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Re: From software to hardware failure

Post Fri May 17, 2019 4:32 am

For every story like this, you'll find someone who loves hardware and claims they can't work with software because of a "constant" need for updates, crashes, bugs, etc.

Old hardware definitely does fail. Jacks get wonky, pots get scratchy, soldered-in CMOS batteries die, and so on.

Old software fails too. I lost some license keys when I switched to my current computer. Developers go out of business and you can't download the old versions you depended on. Moving from 32 to 64 bit meant saying goodbye to several plugins.

I use a good-sized Eurorack modular, a Microbrute (soon a Reface CS), a couple of FX pedals, a Behringer UMC1820 interface and Maschine 2. Aside from the least-used jack on one of my modules being a little fussy, there are no technical problems with any of it.

But I've left a trail of dead hardware and abandoned software in my wake :hihi:

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Re: From software to hardware failure

Post Fri May 17, 2019 4:57 am

everything dies.
without death, there is no life.

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Re: From software to hardware failure

Post Fri May 17, 2019 8:05 am

"and tell how you deal with hardware setup and how you include it"

aaaaand, no. I don't. It's not worth the space it requires, let alone the dusting. I'm not being flippant either.

<The sound from any hardware synths is better than most plugins>, not a useful assertion to me in any way.
One could assert conversely most hardware synths don't sound like anything, which is of no particular use either. Horses for courses.
I just don't have any pressing musical need for any synthesizer which requires hardware other than my computer. Synths are not the be-all end-all for me as it seems to be for many, to begin with.

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