'1981' for u-he Repro-1

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Hemmick Reef
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Post Fri May 17, 2019 7:53 am

Hello Everyone...

I have finally released a sound bank for u-he's Repro-1.... '1981'

A collection of 120 presets - Leads, Basses, Chords, Arpeggios, Sequences & Atmospheres, Drones & Effects


Sound Demo - Repro-1 only - no external FX


https://soundcloud.com/sound_mechanics/ ... he-repro-1

Preset List:

Clash Bass 2.h2p
Clash Bass.h2p
Classic bass.h2p
Click Bass.h2p
Glide bass.h2p
Glide deep bass.h2p
Gravel Bass.h2p
Hollow bass.h2p
Hollow click bass.h2p
Husky Bass.h2p
LFO bass.h2p
Next Door Bass.h2p
Octave Bass.h2p
Punchy Chorus Bass.h2p
Raspy Bass.h2p
Solid bass.h2p
Sustain Bass 2.h2p
Sustain Bass.h2p
Triangle Click Bass 2.h2p
Triangle Click Bass.h2p
Twangy Bass.h2p

Alien Lead One.h2p
Alien Lead Three.h2p
Alien Lead Two.h2p
Brassy Lead.h2p
Bubble Lead.h2p
Buzz Lead.h2p
Clank Lead.h2p
Clean Lead 2.h2p
Clean Lead.h2p
Cutting Lead.h2p
Delayed Lead.h2p
Distant Lead.h2p
Fading Lead.h2p
Gentle Whistle.h2p
Growling Lead.h2p
Lead vs Bass.h2p
LFO Banquet.h2p
Metallic Lead.h2p
Mod Lead 2.h2p
Mod Lead.h2p
Plucky Lead.h2p
Progy 1.h2p
Progy 2.h2p
Progy 3.h2p
Progy 4.h2p
Pulsey Lead.h2p
Raspy Lead.h2p
Rez Attack.h2p
Short Lead 1.h2p
Short Lead 2.h2p
Short Lead 3.h2p
Short Lead 4.h2p
Short Lead.h2p
Singing Lead.h2p
Smooth Lead.h2p
Soft Lead Two.h2p
Soft Lead.h2p
Solid Dry Lead.h2p
Squared Lead.h2p
Strike One.h2p
Strike Two.h2p
Sync Lead 2.h2p
Sync Lead.h2p
Vintage Detune.h2p
Woo Woo Lead 2.h2p
Woo Woo Lead.h2p
Wow Lead.h2p

Chord A.h2p
Moody 7th.h2p
Moody Feedback.h2p
Smooth Thirds Drenched.h2p
Smooth Thirds Mod Delay.h2p
Smooth Thirds.h2p
Tales from the seaside.h2p
Wow chord.h2p

Creepy moment.h2p
Drone One.h2p
Grand Prix.h2p
Old Alarm.h2p
One Note Pad too....h2p
One Note Pad.h2p
Soaring Birds.h2p
The Birds.h2p
Time Riser.h2p
Tired MS-20 Modulation.h2p
Winding Down.h2p
Winding Up.h2p

Bleep Bleep 8 steps.h2p
Bleep Bleep 16 steps LFO.h2p
Bleep Bleep 16 steps.h2p
Slap Arp.h2p
Spitting Sequence.h2p

Arp A.h2p
Arp B.h2p
Arp pattering.h2p
Arp updown Res 2.h2p
Arp updown Res.h2p
Arp updown.h2p
Changing Arp.h2p
Distorted arp updown.h2p
Hollow Arp.h2p
Jungle Drums.h2p
Rhythm Arp 2.h2p
Rhythm Arp.h2p
Sharp Arp.h2p
Square arp.h2p
Staccato One.h2p
Staccato Two.h2p
Thin arp updown .h2p
Thin arp.h2p
Twang Arp.h2p

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