Jai Bajawa style track with Korg M1 Legacy (original track)

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Post Fri Jun 21, 2019 3:33 am

I tried out a new style.
https://soundcloud.com/pigeon-city/jai- ... c-from-ntt
What do you all think? I used Korg M1 Legacy.
I did it based off these kind of tracks except without the slow intro. Some songs don’t have the slow intro.
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Re: Jai Bajawa style track with Korg M1 Legacy (original track)

Post Fri Jun 21, 2019 8:14 am

It sounds like music box music without the music box. Not even going to waste my time rating this.

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Re: Jai Bajawa style track with Korg M1 Legacy (original track)

Post Fri Jun 21, 2019 12:14 pm

I couldn't google much info on jai bajawa music. Those youtube videos are interesting. Very happy. Sounds like African or Asian polka featuring auto-accompaniment keyboard.

Decades ago as a young'n'dumb musician went on a tour thru south Texas and the TexMex folk would request polkas. We didn't know any polkas so it was hard. I was puzzled. Didn't know that any polkas had come from Spain or indigenous AmerInds. So anyway I finally found out that back in the late 1800's a lot of German immigrants to Mexico and Texas had brought their accordions with them and all the TexMex folk adopted the instrument and the polka style and made an entire original genre of TexMex polkas. So it came from Germany and not Spain! Or so I was told.

There is a TexMex low power radio station in my area that has a lot of "adult easy listening" spanish language music with auto-accompaniment keyboards and (to my ear) kinda cheezy synth horns and such. So it is a cultural thing maybe, they seem to use the auto-accompaniment thangs for different purposes and get a different overall sound out of the cheezy boom-chick.

Those youtube examples seem the same. Making some rather nice music ontop of absolute cheeze boom-chick auto-accompaniment. Dang, African or Asian polkas played on Mattel keyboards! And its great!

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