The Big Guitar Amp Sim Roundup + Review

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Post Mon Mar 09, 2020 6:55 am

Thanks for the thoughts. After quite a bit of testing different things I decided I still mostly prefer Amplitube. Part of why I wanted to ditch it was because some files it installed interfered with the Anaconda python package and it was documented that Amplitube put some files where it shouldn't have, but this has actually been remedied in recent installers, so no more conflict. I also wanted a simpler interface but I've realized that for the most part I haven't found any full guitar amp/pedal board software that I like all that much better and I'll just live with the annoying preset being shown for products I dont' own.

I did however find a few simpler amp sims that I like for when I want a simple amp sim, mostly when I am using external plugins before and after it. I picked up Klevgrand Stark in a recent sale for $29 and the clean tones aren't bad in that (Don't like the high gain sounds in it though). Also I plan to pick up at east Matchlock at some point, maybe some other kuassa amps as well. Hopefull yin a sale. What I like about the these and Stark is the single window and multi-touch screen compatibility.
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Re: The Big Guitar Amp Sim Roundup + Review

Post Wed Mar 18, 2020 4:12 am

I will also throw my vote in for Klevgrand Stark. I picked it up at last sale and have started using it. Basically, if you need your 'ole blues and rock & roll sounds, go with Amplitube, if you need a more modern clear type sounds for EDM, Chillstep or Hip-Hop sounds, try Stark. It seems to lend itself better to that sort of genre. I am sure you can manipulate the software to do either or, but those are just my general impressions.

I am waiting for a more powerful system and have on my horizon to try Plini.

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Re: The Big Guitar Amp Sim Roundup + Review

Post Thu Mar 19, 2020 10:15 am

thank for great post

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Re: The Big Guitar Amp Sim Roundup + Review

Post Fri Mar 27, 2020 1:46 pm

jinotsuh wrote:
Sat Mar 07, 2020 8:59 pm

Oh, re Ampire, the new one is leaps and bounds above the old one, it's actually very usable, where as I never touched the old version after initial run through. Don't know if there is a demo, just had a quick look and couldn't find anything, mine came with the S1 update.
There is a trial for Studio One Pro which includes the new Ampire. The Blackface Twin model on it is nice, it has a good feel to it and the included spring reverb is better than Amplitube 4 spring. The stock cab for the Blackface is a good match, I briefly opened some IRs in NadIR and found them to sound cleaner, but not better.

I like Fender style amps, but the Marshall seemed decent. The FX pedals standouts are the Fuzz, Phaser, Chorus (sweet!) and the TS. The included hall reverb is good for playing with headphones.
It seems to run best in Studio One (44khz 64 samples), I got some crackle in Reaper and Mixcraft below 256 samples (lower without fx).

For a while I only used the Fender 2 collection in Amplitube, it was more to my liking than anything else I demoed including S-Gear, Helix and Plini. The cab room with the room mic up is a good ITB solution for headphones.

Last week I looked for something to demo and discovered Fuse Audio Labs F-59 and Bx Bassdude. Both are on another level from what I have tried before. They are not based on the same Bassman circuit. The Fuse F-59 has a rich sound that is really great for clean to light drive sounds. It works best with a 3rd party IR and some reverb (I favour PSP Springbox). I find this amp very easy to dial in and it makes me forget I am playing through a computer. I just get into playing. It is also light on the CPU. The BX Bassdude does not quite have the same caliber of clean responsiveness, but it has fatter and ballsier gain sounds that are great fun for rocking out. The built in cabs are top. These two complement each other really well. Worth a demo!

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