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Post Wed Sep 04, 2019 10:32 am

Recently was working on a retirement hobby freebie Reaper jsfx ChaosPhaser plugin. Phaser is kind of a prosaic effect but the intention was to make something that would do a lot of the typical "stupid phaser tricks". I like phaser and chorus FX but the repetitive nature of most of them was an annoyance, so wanted to make one which can have unsteady frequency sweeps, either subtle or extreme unsteady.

So anyway it is a dual-independent stereo phaser from 1 to 16 stages with various tweakable controls. Will probably take another week to finish writing a manual because I am so slow.

Am not trying to "hype the plugin" with this post and anyway it will be free open source. Just that I made a few demo files to go along with the project. Which was fun and maybe some folks would find them entertaining, or not. It has been a long time since I made any FX demo files.

Ac Rhythm Guitar with 8Stage phaser: The first 20 seconds are dry before FX are added. The first part only envelope modulates the Filter Frequency, with no LFO modulation. Then later it adds slightly irregular stereo LFO mod along with the envelope follower filter freq modulation and goes thru a few variations of settings. It changes a bit every few bars.
http://errnum.com/MP3Files/ChaosPhaserD ... vModFc.mp3

Clean Electric Guitars with 16Stage phaser: The first 18 seconds are dry before the FX are added. This also has some envelope follower modulation of the Filter Frequency plus Random+Chaotic rate LFO's. Various settings are used, a few bars at a time, to give a sampling of the possibilities. Some sound better than others of course, it just tries to show some possibilities.
http://errnum.com/MP3Files/ChaosPhaserD ... vModFc.mp3

Wurlie Piano with 16Stage phaser: The first 10 seconds are dry before adding FX. Set up with more wet than dry mix to give more pitch vibrato sound than "phaser swoosh" sound. The envelope follower modulates LFO rate so that the LFO's run faster when the track is loud and then the LFO's slow down as the amplitude decays. Also the LFO's are set to have some random+chaos variation so that the left and right LFO's are always running at slightly different and constantly changing rates, which just "speed up" when the track amplitude increases.
http://errnum.com/MP3Files/ChaosPhaserD ... FORate.mp3

Distortion Guitar PowerChords with 12Stage phaser: The first 12 seconds are dry. The settings change every few bars for a sampling of random-chaos stereo LFO Phaser sounds.
http://errnum.com/MP3Files/ChaosPhaserD ... aosLFO.mp3

Double 4Stage "Vintage" String Machine: The first 10 seconds are dry. A 2 oscillator Kawai K5 additive synth string patch effected by two series 4Stage stereo phasers, each phaser using different amounts of LFO rate, random, chaos, etc. Most old string machines such as Solina used multiple LFO chorus units rather than phasers, but chorus and phasers have some overlap. The Solina, dry and "in your face" had a deep churning repetitive chorus that always reminded me of a row of laboring washing machines. But the machines were typically drowned in reverb so that the disturbing deep phasing churn got smoothed out into "tasteful animation". So this patch tries for the same "overkill phaser churn" but because the LFO's do not run steady, IMO it is not as repetitive or boring as was such as Solina which would repeat exactly the same churning pattern forever.
http://errnum.com/MP3Files/ChaosPhaserD ... achine.mp3

Vanilla Saw Synth with 4Stage Phaser variations: First 10 seconds are dry. The settings change every few bars, covering quite a few variations. Some might be tasteless or whatever. It just tries to sample some possibilities.
http://errnum.com/MP3Files/ChaosPhaserD ... wSynth.mp3

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