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Post Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:17 am

Couple feature requests for multi sampler
1. Add time stretch knob.....can currently stretch using elastique in timeline and fold into MS,...but being able to modulate time stretch of sample independent of note phrasing provides interesting textures...similar to feature in serato sampler
2. Add at least one more loop type....bi-directional/pingpong....modulating sample start/end and loop/end in ping pong looping adds interesting textures as well....similar to bliss et al
3. Add a new vertical line for playhead and allow modulation of playhead......(playhead scrubbing) of sample using the mouse or midi learning of controller rotary or slider independent of note phrasing adds interesting textures as too....similar to bliss/harmor

Curious what sample interpolation techniques is MS using both for realtime and render?

Anyway, ...Messing with tracktion since 2004....i remember thinking why doesn't everyone have visual routing....some popular DAWS just adding it now, some still don't have it ;-).....you guys always been forward thinking....keep pushin!
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