Free update crusher-X 8.11 released!

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Post Thu Sep 19, 2019 2:08 am

crusher-X 8 licensees can enjoy a free update that comes with some cool features around the GCOs, some optimizations and fixes:
  • Adds GCO MIDI Pitch Button that allows direct Keyboard pitching of GCOs
  • Adds MIDI Pitch-Wheel control also in non MPE MIDI Modes
  • Adds GCO to the Anti Aliasing Mode that improves the sound quality of GCOs on lower pitches
  • Adds 180% GUI Scale option
  • Adds reset to DCO and GCO filenames and reset to GCO-Mode when patches from previous versions are loaded
  • Adds MIDI learn context Menu and function to ProgramUp and ProgramDn buttons
  • Optimizes GCO-Mix volume sensitivity
  • Optimizes GCO and DCO morphing on patch changes and undo/redo
  • Optimizes MIDI Mapping grid and learn view, fix grid row size issue for larger GUI Scales
  • Fixes issues with high amount of grain generation on using Gated or MPE MIDI Modes
  • Fixes issues that Undo and Redo didn't executed on a plug-in parameter change
  • Fixes issue with MIDI Mapping learn of Adore parameters
  • Fixes missing morph on the GCO-Mode Waveform selection
  • Fixes issues with DCO and GCO morphing of Splines Waveforms
  • Fixes seldom noise when switching over to GCO File Mode
  • Fixes seldom value jumps on Grain Modulation faders in case the Mouse-Wheel or the PM-Wheel is used
  • Fixes seldom clicks when changing generator numbers with Diffuse Grain Modulation on
  • Optimized Diffuse algorithm
  • vstwrap (Windows only): Fixes Oscilloscope resolution
How to get this free update?
As a crusher-X 8 licensee just follow again the download instructions described in your crusher-X 8 delivery mail (that you received after your 8 purchase). The challenge/response wizard will not show up if already executed with crusher-X 8.

Upgrade from crusher-X 7 or earlier crusher-X versions:
Find your upgrade offer here:
Upgrade / crossgrade: 89,- € (incl. VAT - For outside EU residents VAT will be removed from card)

You wondering why an upgrade is not for free? Take a look at the accSone pricing statement.

Oh no, you still using the crusher-X DEMO?
Consider to purchase a full version and support the crusher-X development!
Full version price: 249,- € (incl. VAT - For outside EU residents VAT will be removed from card)

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Re: Free update crusher-X 8.11 released!

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